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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Nocturnality, Apr 22, 2021.

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    minecraft version: 1.16(current)

    suggested name: Rope players

    What I want: as the title says, I would like to lead/leash/rope players for the fun of it. Some players that are in your group don't really follow when you're out there slaying and they're too busy being distracted or something that happening. Some other people may find other uses when lead/leash/rope players.

    command ideas:/setleadlength, /setleadplayer allow/disallow (you can set more commands if you like)

    permission: leadplayers.set, leadplayers.set.admin, (you can set more permissions if you like)
    some server owners probably don't trust other players and probably want to only leash other players for whatever reason

    it's been done before but it's outdated and no longer functioning.

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    I would like to know if you want the rope to be breakable if the person get stuck behind blocks and you reach a certain distance between you and the player ?
    This is my first try at making a plugin so it might takes me some days to finish it all.
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    yea thats good. though i would recommend a command if the person doesn't want it broken like /leadbreak false/true, or a separate download. Or if you have any other idea to make it optional that's fine
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    This is a Cool Concept! Maybe Make It So That if A Player Does /Lead Afk they cant be attached by a player.
    this is Nocturnality post just a recomendation
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