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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Badwolf330, Jan 26, 2016.

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    hey, i'm not sure if this is the rite place to ask this... xD

    i'm making a skywars plugin for the dutch youtuber HetGameS, and my quistion is, we expect 200 player on a 14Gb ram server (online host by freaze) does i neet to make the skywars games with bungee? so i have

    1. Hub Skywars (max 40 players)
    2. Solo Skywars
    3. Team Skywars

    or does i have to use 1 server for al the games?

    1. Hub skywars, solo skywars and team skywars?
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    I would recommend that your hubs be different servers on their own (Probably something really cheap because not much will be going on) and you have a good server (The 14gb ram one) have multiple worlds, but not too many, that have the skywars stuff. If I'm wrong please correct me, I'm not 100% sure.
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    @Irantwomiles i got a dedicated server for 16Gb, 512Mb is for the default bungee.... the problem with your idea is that i allrady did start on the plugin with the whole game on 1 server :| is this realy a big problem? in the future we expect around 500 players.... does we realy neet 3 servers for every skywars part?

    EDIT: in the future we will get more Gb Ram XD forgotten to saw
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    500 players? How do you expect to reach online player counts similar to that of Hypixel, etc.? There are significant technological design challenges with a server that large beyond sheer RAM size.

    We don't support BungeeCord here. Ask on their forums if you have a question about it.
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