KiwiAdmin Fork, anyone?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by chaseoes, Oct 3, 2011.

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    Just fix the bug that I posted above. Pleeeease :D
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    @the_Zorro , can you start an official thread?

    Would be great if someone officially took it over in a new thread.

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    Yeah that is a nice idea, but first I need to contact yottabyte.
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    Hello. I was on vacation. Just because it's open source doesn't mean you can throw the plugin around without giving credit or asking me for permission to release a new version.

    @VADemon That's actually meant to happen. We use it on my server for ban records so we can go back and have a look at user history. Our new banlist looks like this. :)
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    You was on vacation. OK. But why you didn't write ANYTHING about it to your thread? I can understand people who requested update of the plugin. And @the_Zorro didn't write that he made it. There was a link in the 1st post to your thread. Yeah, he could write (extra!) that it's yours you're right there.
    "asking me for permission to release a new version."
    Yea ask you while plugin wasn't updated and you was on vacation...

    The only thing you had to do is to write that you would be away for 1-2 weeks and maybe give someone or everyone to update plugin while you was away.

    So don't get angry but we changed to EasyBan. If you fix the banlist then we'll probably change back (ofc only if you will update your plugin). More info in your official thread.
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    @VADemon Don't worry, I'm not angry, lol. I just wanted to make that part clear. I don't understand the part about my vacation. There's no reason for me to put it on there, I've abandoned that thread). Neither do I see why the plugin had to be updated in the past 2 weeks since the Bukkit API hasn't had any changes.
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    You left the plugin with a bug that didn't let admins do anything. The command syntax was returned when the command was sent.
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    I still need flatfile Support D:
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    guys, great job. its working even on CB1447 (1.0) but, I see "time" in unix time in banlist.php :-DDD ..

    Hmm guys, I found strange thing...
    I /banip player reason
    but banlistip table is empty
    what I see is, that ban is in normal banlist table, but with type 1 (normal bans are type 0).
    So my question is why? Im using outdated version? I dlet it from this topic
    Another question - why there is no unbanip command?
    Another question - where is that IP stored? does it secretly work with Essentials userdata? cause that is only one place where IPs are stored
    + only one way to unban that ip is /pardonip IP .. which is essentials command (even /unbanip IP which is also essentials command doesnt work on that)

    damn. now I cant unipban anyone. even /pardonip isnt working :(
    in console:
    so where server get that "this IP is banned" info ?

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    Please continue it!
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    He could continue that plugin too!
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    At the moment I am a bit stressed, so I wont release a version before next year. Sorry about that.
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    BanReports is a plugin that is a clone of KiwiAdmin, the exact source. It's what I use currently and it works great.
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    Open source doesn't mean it doesn't come without warrant. You can still restrict how open source projects are distributed.
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    Is this being updated by someone??
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