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    Hello, I'm running a kit PVP server with my friends and we need some custom features. What we would like is a plugin that can run specific tasks most plugins don't. Here is the list:

    what it does: hooks into essentials and take the Kits from that list and shows the ones that player can use in a customizable GUI. (Yes I know there are plugins that already do this, however, this is needed in a later command specifically from this plugin)

    /Vp <player> <page> (View Player: Vp)
    What it does: shows the specified player's IP like in essentials /seen but also displays their health and rank, along with any comments and kits they have. (Comments are next)

    /pcomment <player> <comment>
    What it does: Put the text after <player> in a comment added to thier Vp Profile

    /THack <player> (TestHack)
    What it does: Teleports executer to specified player, sets their max health to crazy amounts and hunger to full and saturation to full (if possible)

    What it does: Teleports executer to spawn and disables and remove all of the crazy stuff from above.

    /Pvpban <player> [duration (optional)]
    What is does: Makes the specified player unable to be hit by another player unless they have kitpvpasist.pvpban.bypass for the specified amount of time in seconds. If the player has kitpvpasist.pvpban.exempt (Doesn't let them get PVP banned) then they can't be banned unless an administrator has the permission: kitpvpasist.pvpban.override

    Please Complete this when you can. I don't care how long it takes as long as i can get a working version in like a month or so but I'm pretty flexible. :) When your done just reply saying so. Good luck and i hope you can do it!
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