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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by legoman519, Feb 21, 2014.

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    Hello, I am making a KitPVP plugin and I need someone to give me some kit ideas right now I have Archer, Pyro and a Default kit.

    Thanks to sgtcaze for his Custom Currency tutorial I have coins!

    This is for PRIVATE use only so I will NOT be publishing any of sgtcaze work!

    Archer Kit costs 3 coins:
    • Chain Helmet with Projectile Protection 1
    • Chain Chestplate with Projectile Protection 2
    • Chain Leggings with Projectile Protection 1
    • Chain Boots with Projectile Protection 1
    • Unbreaking 2 Gold Sword
    • A Infinity 1, Unbreaking 2 and Arrow Knockback 1 Bow
    • And an Arrow
    • And Lots of soup
    Pyro Kit costs 5 coins:
    • No helmet
    • Iron Chestplate Fire Protection 2
    • Iron Leggings Fire Protection 1
    • Iron Boots Fire Protection 1
    • Fire Aspect 1 and Unbreaking 1 Wooden Sword
    • A Bow
    • And 32 Arrows
    • And Lots of Soup
    Default Kit:
    • Iron Helmet
    • Iron Chestplate
    • Iron Leggings
    • Iron Boots
    • Unbreaking 1 Diamond Sword
    • And lots of Soup
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    I dont think that this belongs here :s
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    I'm aware that this does not belong here.
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