Filled Kill-For-Money Plugin.

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by PolarBearGalaxy, Feb 21, 2018.

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    Plugin category: PvP

    Minecraft version: v1.8.8

    Suggested name: KillMoney

    What I want: I need a plugin where players can earn a certain amount of money (configurable) when they kill someone. They should also lose a certain amount of money (configurable) when they are killed by another player. Along with that, I want boosters. Boosters will boost your amount of money that they earn. To activate a booster, you open the gui with /boosters. Boosters should appear as golden ingots. The gui will show all of the boosters you own. If it is already activated, the booster should be enchanted. If you have no boosters, the gui should be filled with red glass panes titled 'You have no boosters!'

    Here are the boosters I want:
    - Double coins for 1 hour
    - Double coins for 2 hours
    - Double coins for 4 hours
    - Double coins for 24 hours
    - Double coins forever
    - Triple coins for 1 hour
    - Triple coins for 2 hours
    - Triple coins for 4 hours
    - Triple coins for 24 hours
    - Triple coins forever
    - Quadruple coins for 1 hour
    - Quadruple coins for 2 hours
    - Quadruple coins for 4 hours
    - Quadruple coins for 24 hours

    Ideas for commands:
    /boosters - opens gui with your boosters
    /booster give {player} {booster} - gives a player a booster
    /booster clear {player} - removes a players boosters

    Ideas for permissions:
    No permission needed for to open /boosters or to use the boosters.

    Extra Information:
    - The money should work with essentials money
    - When a player does /booster give, the booster should be typed like this:
    1hx2 (Time,[x2,x3,x4])
    Infx2 (Inf = infinfate)

    When I'd like it by: This week.
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  2. i would be able to try doing it but definetly not in a week
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    Okay. That's fine. Thanks a ton!
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  4. np but i dont know how to do the booster thing i can make the code for everything else and pass it to someone a lil bit more capable at coding for the boosters
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    I'll do it with the boosters, and LoadUp if you would like some help, I'm willing to chat a bit.

    EDIT: I'll go ahead and try to make it work with Vault, and that should work with Essentials Eco and most other money plugins.
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    Thanks a ton! Same with you, @LoadUpMC
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    Its easy simple java math, Heres the idea of it >> (Presdo code)
    if (the player killing a mob has a booster enabled) {
    get the booster type
    if(type == doubleCoins ){
    int vaule = getConfig().getString(getWhateverTheyKiiled);
    (Double the vaule)
    (Give money depending on vaule)
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    English please?
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    That was meant for the programmers, they should definitely get the idea of what he meant.
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    I'll get started on it now. Will take a few hours.
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    Do you want pages if they have more than 63 (6 rows) of boosters? Makes it easier.
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    Yes. Thank you to @Eccentric_Gamer and @poisonex. Also thanks @frej4189 for helping people out!
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    Name: KillMoney
    Bukkit/Spigot Version: 1.8.8
    Requires: Vault

    - /boosters
    - /booster give <player> <booster>
    - /booster clear <player>
    - boosters.clear
    - boosters.give

    All boosters and kill rewards/death losses configurable in config.yml. I made the default config include the boosters you asked for to save you time and effort.
    The /booster give command uses an ID to determine the booster to give. The booster IDs are configured in config.yml as well.

    Example: /booster give poisonex double4hour

    If something doesn't work like it's supposed to, or you're getting errors anywhere, private message me.


    Source belongs to poisonex.
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    Thank you so very much! Unfortunately, I am currently not home. In a few hours I will test it ;)
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    Hey quick suggestion about the booster: just instantiate a Class that stores the booster name, an Integer that represents the multiplyvalue. Create a hashmap that'll have the user as keyvalue and the boosterinfo class as value. That way you can easialy just check for boosts using containskey and just multiply the money given by the class integer value.
    I hope that was somewhat clear, understandable and helpful.
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    I just tested the booster part. It works amazing! Thanks so much! I works fine other than one thing though: When I try to use it in console it tells me 'I must be a player.' I am planning on maybe selling them on buycraft, so can you please fix that? Also, please take away the part where it tells you who gave you the booster (I don't want it saying console XD). Also, if you have the time and you are able to (And I mean it, don't go out of your way just for me), can you add a /booster give all command? I know I didn't mention it, sorry! Again, thanks so much!
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    Just took out the message lol. One question. Do you mean you want a "/booster give <player> all" to give a player all the boosters, or do you mean you want a "/booster give all <booster>" to give all players a certain booster?
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    Also, if it doe
    To give all players that are online a certain booster.
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    Done. Use the same download link! :D btw /booster give all <booster> gives the <booster> to every online player EXCEPT the player that ran the command, for example if I were to run /booster give all double1hour it would give everyone a double1hour booster except for me.
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