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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Aphyio, Feb 15, 2021.

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    Plugin category: Custom Enchants

    Minecraft version: 1.16.4 and higher

    Suggested name: Kill Announcer

    What I want: I want a plugin that I can customize kill announcers whenever it's enchanted in an item and killed another player. The original format for the kill announcer in the chat is
    &4&lKILL &8&l> %player% killed %playerdead% using %item%
    The %player% is for the player who killed another player and %playerdead% is the player that died and the %item% is the name of the item that used to kill that person. The item can be hexadecimal color or Minecraft colors.

    Enchant Book:
    The name on the Enchanted Book will be original name to &4&lKill Annoucer.
    And the lore should be like this:

    &7Item Required: &aAny Items
    &7Kill Annoucer Enchant

    &7Apply this to any item in order to
    &7enchant Kill Annoucer.

    The config file should look like this

    --Made by {insert your name here]

    Kill Annoucer Broadcast: "&4&lKILL &7> &6%player% &4killed &6%playerdead%

    Kill Annoucer Book command: "&5Enjoy &6Kill Annoucer &5book!"

    Kill Annoucer Book Name: "&4&lKill Annoucer"

    Kill Annoucer Lore Name:
    -&7Item Required: &aAny Items
    -&7Kill Annoucer Enchant
    -&bEnchant any item in order the &6Kill Annoucer &bwork.

    Ideas for commands: /kab enchant, it enchants the kill annoucer holding in your hand and /kab give, it gives you the kill Annoucer Book to enchant whatever items.

    Ideas for permissions: kab.enchant. For the both on commands

    When I'd like it by: My Birthday in Feburary 25th
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    Hi, I should be able to make this for you, couple clarifying questions though:
    • for the /kab enchant command, should that enchant the item currently held and remove a book from the player's inventory, or do you want it to work in some sort of different mechanic?
    • are you trying to have different books work on different items? or should every book work on EVERY item (including say a grass block) or just work on traditionally enchantable items (i.e. swords, bows, etc.)
    Let me know ASAP about these clarifications and I'll try to have it ready for you soon.
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    For the /kab enchant you dont need a book, just it enchants the item you are hold and yes, any blocks and different items works too.
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    It worked excatly what I wanted although, thee plugin can improve by combining the book with the item you desire. On behalf of all, it works like I wanted!
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    Hello there, thank you for your positive review!
    Im a little bit confused as to what you mean regarding the book combining with the item you desire, you can do this by clicking the book onto the item in your inventory and it automatically enchants it from the book
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