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Discussion in 'Resources' started by s1mpl3x, Jul 28, 2011.

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    inspired by @Dinnerbone 's plugin generator i tried to push this a litte further and created Kickstarter.

    Kickstarter is a Java Desktop Application which does basically the same thing as the plugin generator but creates a bit more code so repetitive tasks as setup configuration, register listeners and so on is automated and you can start to implement the functionality of the plugin without being hold back by stucture stuff.

    Kickstarter is able to produce the code for:
    • Commands
    • Tasks
    • Listeners
    • Configuration
    • the main-class
    • plugin.yml
    The GUI offers a easy way to enter the data (at least imo) and to export the plugin afterwards.



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    The Code generated is (as far as i tested it :3 ) valid and Craftbukkit loads it without problems.
    Although the structure might be not 100% solid but yeah... it works and im happy for every suggestion on how to impove the quality of the code produced.

    So i hope it works and it is useful for someone and any feedback is appreciated


    updated listeners to build 1185
    fixed listener import @ mainfile
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    This will help a lot of people, I'm pretty much a newb and even I can easily use this.
    It also makes it so that you don't have to memorize so many events :3. Thanks a lot!
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    This looks really great! Thought creating this code is not hard, it can be very boring due to the repetition! I'll try this out when I get home.
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    Hitting the DL button nice work :D
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    Do I put the .jar in my plugins folder even though I want to make plugins for my server?
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    you can place it anywhere you want, just doubleclick it like a .exe
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    I just tried this out and it looks amazing! How do you test your new plugin now?
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    create a new project in eclipse, netbeans wherever and copy the output into your new project and from there it is business as usual
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    Okay thanks, hope this works!
  10. This is pretty freakin awesome :p The only thing I would like is to select a custom package name, besides that...tested all the features, passes with flying colors
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    A work of art, I feel no shame using this, why make life harder

    Nice, but not my preffered package format
    Or my code format, good plugin, but not my scene

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  12. Moar customizable? :D Maybe allow devs to provide the templete or something like that, that would be FREAKIN AWESOME xD
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    hm well make the package customizable is not a problem and stuff like only 1 command executor for all commands or use the onCommand in the MainClass... But what apart from that doesn't fit your code format/style?
  14. Thats good, although I like the command executors :p Apart from that, things like Not defining the Logger in the top, Using a PDF(I use a double for the main version and int for the sub version, as I use a custom Auto-Updater library that requires so), Not defining the prefix in the top.. Just little things, I guess everyone codes in their own way :)
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    Yes and because everyone does code different, the codegen only produces 'basic' code that should fit just fine for the most basic plugins, and even for more complex ones it provide a base to work with. ;)
    Sure you have to change a lot to fit for stuff like an auto updater or whatever extension you want to add. Adding all those stuff to the codegen would just be too much but you can edit the source or the templates so they fit your needs :)
  16. Yea, i guess. I don't know, more configurable = better :p
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    small update:
    added a package textfield
    fixed exit button not working
    fixed event tabs (server/vehicle)

    edit: some more fixes for the package stuff..
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    Make an update for the new command API
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    I really like this.
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    Great program, but I found a bug:
    It tries to include
    import me.ineentho.worldswitcher.listener.Listener_Player;
    but the package is called
    import me.ineentho.worldswitcher.listeners.Listener_Player;
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    You sir,are epic!
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    Wow, I like it,but one thing,learning from this,nope.
    Well,yeah it's a newb progrem,It makes life easier,but if you really wanna be a developer,even start yourself,learn basics,then use the plug to make your life easy..,

    ANYWAY,awesome thing,thanks for this.
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    thanks to your feedback, updated to version 0.2.
    • updated listeners to build 1185
    • fixed listener import @ mainfile
    i'll may add permissions and change the configuration gui when i have more time
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    Version 2 is having issues with commands (well for me anyways). I configured a command, it said it was going to create that file, but then the commands package is empty and the main class shows: getCommand("/mycommand").setExecutor(new CommandExecutor_/mycommand(this));
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    You should add a permission field when setting up commands.
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    BUMP: I would love to see this updated :]
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    Same here, update this pls :).
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    Codex Arcanum

    Could you please update this for the new 1.1R5+ changes?
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