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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by mind13213213123131232, Jan 11, 2021.

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  1. Can someone create a plugin where there is an enchantment on an item so it never drops on death with a command.
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    What do you mean by with a command?
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    Can you please use the provided guide? It really helps us to understand what you want to be created.
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    Hello there,

    Even though this thread is a bit older and was never followed up upon from author, I still decided to give this plugin a try and here are my results.

    From what I understood after reading the initial request is that there should be a command that will put an enchantment on your item, which will make it that the item is not dropped/lost upon death. The enchantment is also of course bound to the item, meaning if you trade it with someone else, they also won't lose it upon death.

    Since there was no server version specified, I made it for 1.16 however if anyone else needs it for any different version, I can make it backwards compatible as well.

    /deathrepellent -> Puts an enchantment on the item you are currently holding (requires deathrepellent.use permission)

    deathrepellent.use -> Allows you to use the command above (default: op)

    If there are any questions, issues or further requests on this plugin, feel free to post them in here ^-^

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