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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Richtor, Mar 9, 2018.

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    A while back I made it so that (as example names) World A and World B had synced inventories. Thus, if I wanted something from World B I just needed to warp there and back with the thing I needed. But I've totally forgotten how I did it now, and I want World B to sync up with World C now. Any help? The only plugins I can imagine being linked to this would be Essentials and MVCore, both of which I have. I will try to provide any help I can from my side, when possible.

    If it helps, my server is running on 1.11.2, and I don't have any purely-inventory-related plugins like Multiverse-Inventory or anything like that on it.
  2. @Richtor
    By default, all worlds share inventories. If worlds are not sharing them, then you either have other plugins on your server that are affecting the problem, or this is something that is being caused by MVCore.

    Try removing all other plugins from your server. Are players allowed to sync inventories afterwards? If so, one of the plugins removed adds that feature.

    If not, and MVCore is the only plugin installed, there is most likely a command that syncs the worlds. Look through the plugin's help command menu and see if there are any commands that may fix your problem.
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    That's a list of my installed plugins. Also, it won't really be possible to remove my plugins and re-add them.. as you can see above. I don't see any plugins aside from MVCore that would affect it, but with some testing I found out that even a newly-created world doesn't sync up with any of the others. I also looked through MVCore's commands and I didn't find anything relevant; I even tried some of the stuff like /mvrule keepInventory (worldname) True
  4. @Richtor
    You have PerWorldInventory installed on your server.
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    Oh, duh. Thanks. I'll see if I can't remedy my issue with that in mind.
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