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    Plugin category: Skins

    Suggested name: JoinSKin

    What I want: So I found this plugin and what it does it that build your skin or anyone skins due to playername. You just type "/skin <player>" and it will build players skin at your position. Now What I want is that when player join there would be amazing spawn with one portal and ABOVE that portal would be Builded skin with Clay of the player (data for his skin is shown only to player itself). So when I join my server I would like to see myself befront of me and portal to join HUB below. and I beleave every single player would say "WOW" to this idea and pluign.

    Ideas for commands: /joinskin here (sets the position of where skin should be showen), /joinskin rotate (angle) (in what direction skin should be showen)

    Ideas for permissions: no permission need for this plugin

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    As for this being an actual statue for each player's skin, I can say that this might be a very heavy plugin to use, especially with several players online. Also, did you try talking to the developer of Skin Statue Builder?
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