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    Plugin category: Admin

    Suggested name: Join/Leave Command

    What I want: A plugin where when a person leaves it executes a command. You can have a config where only certain people have the join/leave command thing.

    Ideas for commands: /joinleave config [Variable] [True/False or a Command]
    Variables: Join, Leave, Command.

    Ideas for permissions: joinleave.[number] (In the config it will have different commands. Each section with a command will be assigned a number. If someone has the permission joinleave.[number] then when they join and/or leave that command will execute. For example:
    Join: True
    Leave: False
    Command: give {name} diamond 5
    Join: False
    Leave: True
    Command: kickall Bye

    So if someone had the permisson joinleave.1 then whenever they joined the game they would receive 5 diamonds. If someone had the permission joinleave.2 then whenever they left it would kickall and put the message, "Bye"

    When I'd like it by: March 1, 2013
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    Would you like it so that you could make extra fields, such as for a permission "joinleave.3" there would be a third field/command? And on and on, as many fields as you would ever need?
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    rTriggers. Read the whole thread before deciding its too complex.
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    Yes. If possible make it go on forever.


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    You may only bump every 12 hours if there are no replies.
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    Oh okay, sorry I didn't know.
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    Sorry, it's not yet ready for download. I've started working on it, though, and it should be available within a day or two at most.
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    Alright, then.
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    Bump. The other person doing this has abandoned this.
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    I can make this if you're sure its not possible with another plugin, won't be able to start until tomorrow though :p
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    I am so sorry for the very late answer, but sure! Thank you!
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    CeramicTitan Retired Staff

    hmmm, Interesting.
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    CeramicTitan Retired Staff

    haha, I might do this... I'm not sure just yet

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