Jay's Server Starter Plugin Pack!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jay1029, Mar 13, 2011.

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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    This is by far the best thing to download since sliced bread when you start a new bukkit server.

    It includes 13 of the best and most important/useful plugins in all of bukkit!

    When you download this .zip file you will be downloading

    1. A document with a brief discription for each plugin and a link to their official thread + some helpful links for nOObs
    2. Latest Version of Craftbukkit [link]

    * BedRock Control
    * BigBrother
    * ColorSign
    * DeathChest
    * DiscoSheep
    * EggPlugin
    * Essentials
    * Fake-Message
    * FenceStack
    * iSee
    * MagicCarpet
    * NoExplode
    * SpawnMob

    When I first started my server, I needed something like this but could never find on, so I've created one for people just like me!

    Please recommend this to anybody with a new bukkit server as I feel like it is really helpful! :)

    You will want WinRAR to easily extract this file and others because .zip files are very common on bukkit.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    would you mind if i posted a more advanced pre made package?
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    Ya thats be sweet.
  4. How is this official?

    Also, you are missing many plugins that I know my server could not function with out.
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    lol i put official for fun, and this is for someone with no plugins and who is just starting a server. obviously its not every single plugin in the world.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    I removed the official - it is not fun to mislead users. I have no problem with you wanting to release plugin packs. These are always released as a user beware sort of thing - but placing the word official on the title gives it unearned credibility.
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    Heh, this shows how subjective "best of" packs are. I don't use a single plugin from that list.
    And I don't mean to argue one way or the other. The plethora of plugins available makes it
    difficult to have a true "best of", and makes visiting various servers quite interesting. [​IMG]
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    Yes your right but the sole purpose of this is just to have people who are just starting a server somewhere to start, but yah I see your point its really all opinion.
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    I could think of a dozen plugins that would be better suited for a new server. Yes, a "best of" pack is highly disputable, but you've got numerous plugins there that are blatantly frivilous. DiscoSheep is fun (and I plan on adding it to the next update for my server), but it isn't necessary. Likewise, while BigBrother is quite useful, it's also quite big and unnecessary for small servers. You're better off going with Permissions or GroupManager with either AntiBuild or AntiGrief.

    I'd also dispute using Essentials, as I find commandbook to be a better (and more flexible) solution, as Essentials forces you to use commands that some plugins perform better. But that's just preference.

    I do agree with MagicCarpet though. I use that on my server, and it's been quite useful.
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    If I could edit the title, I would make it
    Jay's Server plugin pack: Great plugins for a new server.
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  13. I would not reccomend running this unless you removed Essentials and replaced it by sk89q's plugins.
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    I am also disgusted by your use and recommendation of Essentials.
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