Answered Java code tag formatting issue

Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by teej107, Dec 4, 2014.

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    If you edit a post that has a Java code tag, the code loses its formatting which can make it hard to read. The only fix is to add in the spaces again by yourself which can get quite annoying. This is the only code tag that does this.
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    I'm pretty sure the PHP tags prevent this from happening, as well as looking much nicer until you use generics.

    List list = new ArrayList();
    void add() {
    add(new Object());
    void remove() {}
    Edited twice, and still no space change
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    xTrollxDudex Yeah. The Java code tag is the only tag with the spacing issues. I myself have moved to using the PHP one as well. But I just had an idea about posting this bug here when I told another person about the same thing. xD
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    xTrollxDudex The PHP tag is pretty nice but it doesn't have line numbers :(
  5. Skionz Solution: Use PHP and put in line numbers yourself :) Discourages copy & pasting I suppose.
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    AdamQpzm Good idea! I remember seeing one tutorial a while back which used pictures to stop people from copying and pasting. Although I guess it would be harder to edit the code in the images.
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  7. Skionz Ah yes, I remember that. It was quite amusing. Maybe the solution is to keep the code in a repository or something and just rescreenshot when you need to edit? :p
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    ZeldoKavira Administrator Curse

    This is caused by an old plugin. This plugin was left in for the sake of keeping old posts readable. Please use the code tag now. code=java]Code here[/code (With the brackets of course)

    (Side note: PHP tag has line numbers enabled)
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