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    iWarp Allow players to create their own warps
    This plugin will allow for players to create their own warps. Once the owner can no longer pay for the warp, the warp is deleted so another player may use that warp name.

    While reading the commands below, note that createcost, renewcost, movecost, renamecost, and transfercost would be numbers in the config.

    /iwarp create <warpname> <days> - Create a warp
    If the player has the permission iwarp.use, a warp with <warpname> does not already exist, and the player has createcost + (renewcost * days) money, a warp will be created. Then, createcost + (renewcost * days) will be removed from their balance.

    /iwarp renew <warpname> <days> - Renew a warp
    If the user has <days>*renewcost money, add <days> days to the warp’s expiration and take renewcost*days amount of money from the user. This command can be used by people who do not own that warp.

    /iwarp move <warpname> - Move a warp to your current location
    If the player has the permission iwarp.use, the player owns the warp, and the player has movecost money, then the warp will be moved to the current location of the player and movecost will be removed from their balance.

    /iwarp rename <oldname> <newname> - Rename a warp
    If the player owns the warp, a warp with <newname> does not already exist, and the player has renamecost money, then the warp will be renamed to <newname> and renamecost will be removed from their balance.

    /iwarp transfer <warpname> <newowner> - Transfer ownership of a warp
    If the player owns the warp and the player has transfercost money, the warp will be transferred to the new owner. Then, transfercost will be removed from their balance.

    /iwarp list <playername> - List all warps owned by a player

    /iwarp info <warpname> - Show information about a warp
    Shows who owns a warp and when it will expire.

    /iwarp help - Show a list of /iwarp commands

    Additional Information:
    • The create, move, rename, transfer, and renew commands should have a confirmation step.
    • Warps should be added to Essentials’ warps, so players can use them with /warp. Deleting a warp with Essentials' /delwarp should also delete it from the iWarp storage.
    • I would also like a message to be returned to the user when they use a command. For example, if someone wants to create a warp but does not have enough money, it should let them know that the warp was not created because they did not have enough money.
    • I need this for my upcoming Paper 1.14 server.
    • I have requested for a similar plugin in the past, but that plugin is missing many features which I now know I want and the plugin has a few bugs such as occasionally removing the owner from warps. I tried messaging the developer, but he is inactive. I can share his plugin jar with you if you choose to make this plugin.
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    I don't know how to get a paper 1.14 server jar, or I would try :/
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    timtower Ninja on the waves Moderator

    Build with 1.13, I highly doubt it the update will break the plugin.
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    Cool thx.

    @DrBot How do you actually teleport to the warps?
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    I'd like warp teleporting to be done with the /warp command that comes with Essentials. Thanks for working on this!
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    I'm giving up on this one; I'd rather not have to hook on to Essentials; anyone else if free to do this.
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    What about this one?
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    Wow, thanks for making this! Just the other day, I had started on making it plugin myself. Many aspects of the plugin I want has changed a little, but much of it has stayed the same. I am pretty new to development myself, so I had some problems creating it, mostly with the Essentials hook. I saw that your plugin is open source. Would you mind if I take a look at it while creating my plugin to help me learn?
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    If it's open source there is nothing stopping you from looking at it.

    However, I'm fairly certain I'm not writing the cleanest code in the wild west.
    Furthermore, you might benefit from actually trying it out first to see if it works the way you want it to.

    And finally, if you've got additions/changes you'd want to implement, I'd be happy to include them. It was the in direct response to this thread that I made it after all.

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