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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by DerpysLastMuffin, Apr 4, 2019.

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  1. Plugin category: MISC

    Minecraft version: 13.2

    What I want: Im looking for a plugin for a server im working on that takes place above the void. The plugin would stop items (specifically) from being dropped off the edge and into the void. I would like to be able to set via a command or in a config file a location in the world where an item gets teleported to if it falls into the void.

    The idea being if a player throws an item, or dies in the void, all of their items get teleported to a specific location in spawn for other players to pick up, so the items dont just get deleted.

    Ideas for commands: /itemvoid setloc x y z (To set where the items drop to.)

    Ideas for permissions: itemvoid.setloc (Grants the player the ability to use the set location command.)
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  3. @KarimAKL sorry about that, post was edited, "itemvoid.setloc" or something similar works.
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    @DerpysLastMuffin Got the basics for the plugin done, i'll edit this post when i'm done with the plugin. (if it's done before 24 hours has passed)

    EDIT: Here you go:
    I made it so it works for multiple worlds (you can set a location for every world)
    At first it'll just remove the items when they fall into the void (not teleport them) so you have to either edit the config and restart/reload the server or just use the command.
    When using the command you only have to select x, y, z (keep in mind you have to add .5 to the x and z for the item to be in the middle of the block) and it'll select the world you are using the command in.
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  5. Thanks so much :D Its perfect.
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