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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Trails ( honestly I don't care about the name :p )

    What I want: I have seen lots of trail plugins which allow users to walk around and give off different particle effects as they tread. This is a great feature for VIPs or to be sold in the shop however today I am looking for something a little different. Slightly like the /hat command that is readily available in a lot of plugins nowadays I am interested in a plugin where when you type /trail whilst holding an item or block the dropped form of this object then follows you around as a trail and then disappears after a small amount of time. This time could be changed in the config.

    The items should not be able to be picked up or collected in anyway which would allow players to exploit the server economy and I think that this is possible as I do believe I have seen PVP blood plugins in the past drop rose coloured dye which disappeared shortly afterwards.

    Ideas for commands: /trail - Sets the object in your hand to your trail.
    /trail <player name> - Sets someone's trail with the object in your hand.
    /trail reload - Reloads the config.

    Ideas for permissions: trail.set - Allows the player to set their own trail.
    trail.set.other - Allows the player to set other people's trail.

    When I'd like it by: I'm not fussy, whenever anyone has time to make this.
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    Love this idea. add It to your proud list :)
    But can't make this! ;(
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    @ChipDev- Thanks :p
    Maybe someone who can make it will see this thread soon. Would be fun to have.
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    iwe seen this once xD
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    @traipop- Ahh ok, that's a shame.
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    @billywhiteMC- I am going to quote those projects. "particle trail plugin" and "Allows players to emit particles". This is not what I am looking for if you read the thread. :)
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