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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Maeyrl, Jun 1, 2014.

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    I have just implemented ==COPY== into the Github repository, i'll be making other updates tonight too most probably.
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    Okay, I've got something really cool and working out quite nicely right here ;) Need testers.

    zackpollard Great, but I'm sorry to say I already implemented it. Haven't uploaded this to GitHub yet since the whole repo is a mess. I'll upload it soon ;) Anyway, have a go with the plugin. Pretty self explanatory. It will scale the GIFs if they exceed 32 pixels in either width or height. It will keep the aspect ratio (to a degree, as 32 pixels is quite low) so it will work with non-square images as well.

    I would recommend taking a look at our GitHub repository as we've done tremendous housekeeping to make it look pleasant. I've also compiled a jar file for testing so you won't have to download from my Dropbox any longer. I will be posting a BukkitDev page today, hopefully within an hour or two.

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    I've just done some more work on this and it now converts GIFs Asyncronously on startup so if you have a lot of gifs, you now won't have bad performance issues on startup :p
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    Superfluid I

    someone found something about this?, or anyone know how we could implement this?
  6. whitehooder what are the dimensions of the animations? are they 16x16 (please be it :3)?
    Nvm... I just saw they can be the size you want, the thing is I made some 16x16px frames with paint (meh, it has the minecraft colors) and I made a gif, but the link to the LoreAnimator.jar is broken, could you fix it, please?

    whitehooder would this work?
    My work so far...
    Show Spoiler

    Sorry if the images are very tiny but they're 16px*16px
    Frame 1 [​IMG]
    Frame 2 [​IMG]
    Frame 3 [​IMG]
    Frame 4 [​IMG]
    Frame 5 [​IMG]
    Frame 6 [​IMG]
    Frame 7 [​IMG]
    Frame 8 [​IMG]
    Frame 9 [​IMG]
    Frame 10 [​IMG]
    I'm not done yet but I'll continue once I know those would work.

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    I thought I might have accidentally deleted it when I cleaned up my Dropbox lately, but its still there, and Im able to download it.
    Anyway, the image will most likely work. The code should work with any working GIF animation, but the quality depends on if it finds matching colors and if it has to do any scaling to fit it into Minecraft. As long as youve checked both of that it should really be good to go, like yours is now.

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