Item Frame Protection?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Zornox, Nov 12, 2012.

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    Is there a way to where I can't allow my Guest/Members etc... To destroy Item Frames?
    I"m using Item frames to Show case what the users are buying and selling. When you're a Guest/Member on my server you can destroy the Item frames and take the items being displayed. I do not want to allow this. I have already looked into WorldEdit/Guard and they don't protect Item frames or Paintings. If there is a plugin that is a good use for this. I must be overlooking or just can't find it. Please help.

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    Worldguard has control over this, if you download their updated plugin you have to set a certain flag.

    if im not mistaken here is the flag you need to set in the worldguard protected area.

    "entity-frame-destroy" and "entity-item-frame-destroy"
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    Where do I put that flag? In the World Guard Config or type that in game?
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    you need to type that in-game.

    command would be "/region flag [regionName] [flag] [allow/deny]"
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    I tried to put this as a flag" entity-item-frame-destroy" It says that the Flag has been set. But As a guest or Member I can still destroy the Item Frames. Oh and "entity-frame-destroy" apparently isn't a flag because I tried to use it and it didn't work.
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    did you type "/region flag [region] entity-item-frame-destry DENY"?
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    Yes sir I did.
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    that should work, but i just did this on my test server and it did not work... although it works on the public server.

    you may want to try and set some region priority's... thats the only thing i can think of that would be causing it not to work. i will look mroe into this tomorrow when i get off work, sorry i couldnt help you anymore with the issue.
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    Well thanks so far. But I don't know how to set Region Priority's or I would try it out.
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    Are you by chance testing this as an op on your test server? If it works on the public server, but not the test server... then the command DOES work and there is something else being missed here.
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    I know when I do the command. I'm OP and have all the permissions. Still doesn't work.
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    If you are op, then you will also still be allowed to break them... which is why I ask.

    Deop yourself... see if it protects them when you ARENT bypassing permissions with OP.
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    What I was saying. I'm OP and have all the permissions to do the command. Then I put my self as a "guest" and Deop my self to see if I can still break them and I still can.
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    Omg... thats because you own the region so of curse you can build in your region.
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    on my test server i set the region on my op account then i login to my test server with my alt account, which is just a regular guest and i can still break the item frames, but on the public server i can not.

    the only flags i set on the test server is construct and item-frame-protection.

    i cant think of whats being missed here.
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    I also Try different accounts and have my friends try to break the item Frames. Still they can break it.
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    It works on the public server, not on the test server. Obviously you've missed something, as even YOU have proven the addon works for this.

    Paste the entire config for the plugins and servers. BOTH of them. Startup and shutdown logs too please.

    Also, the regions files... this IS a configuration error and "It isn't working" is not enough for us to find it for you.
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    Perhaps I can shed a little light on this issue.

    It seems that this option is not available yet as Bukkit has not made it possible to protect item frames. I know this because for our server we have our own plugin Dev who says that Bukkit has not updated to a build that will allow any code to protect your item frames. We are currently waiting for the latest Bukkit recommended build, so that our coder can make this available. Hope this helps.

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    Actually this works with worldguard. As long as they can't destroy the block behind the frame, it will protect the frame.

    Most people miss the flag for it tho, so I guess they assume it's not possible.
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    Thx a lot! Worked for me
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