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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by eyedjellyfish78, Jan 1, 2013.

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    My console keeps getting spammed with Item entity <random number> has no item!? It covers up the console screen and it's worrying me. Does anyone have this problem or know what it means/how to fix it? Help would be much appreciatef.
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    Post the whole error from the console?
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    same thing is happening to me. It seems to happen when certain players log on. Do you have towny?
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    I do not have towny. Also I cant post the error cuz there isnt much to post. It just starts rapidly repeating item entity <random #> had no item!?
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    world guard?
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    I have worldguard but there is no reason why that would be a worldguard error.
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    I think this indicates world corruption. If you get it on the same map with no plugins installed, it almost certainly is. Also respond to LaxWasHere and post your list of plugins.

    Sorry, I see you did this... anything else relevant from the server.log is helpful, though.

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    Actually it simply stopped happening. Thanks for trying to help though!
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    j'ai trouver:
    c'est que quelqu'un a poser "un spawner a item" (comme dans la map RUSH)
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    The same thing happens to me. However it's not world corruption, because it only happens when I load certain plugins. Once I figure out the issue I'll post it here.
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