Is this possible make in an objective?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by !PoKu, Mar 23, 2018.

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    Hello there, this is my first time posting here.

    I wanted to know if this is possible or not, what I want to do, it's if I can remove the score of a player.
    I mean, I want to do invisible the score of a specific player, they cannot see mine, but I can see their, by the way I'm talking in a display slot as list, I'm posting this because I don't know if is possible... but well
    Example (open)
    This is what I meant
  2. Yes I do think that there a way of doing this.
    You can look at this packets and figure out how to deal with it
    • PacketPlayOutScoreboardDisplayObjective
    • PacketPlayOutScoreboardObjective
    • PacketPlayOutScoreboardScore
    I think this will help you a bit.
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    And how can I use packets? with protocolLib? or is there another way for do it?
    If there's a tutorial how to use packets, tell me please. :)

    by the way, thanks for your help. :D
  4. Dear @!PoKu,

    I will try to make it myself. And If I'm done I will directly send you the code for the scoreboard.
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    That'd be too much help! :D

    Really thanks for your help again. :)
  6. Sorry, I've tried every way I could think of but if you submit a scoreboard, every futured player will be registered in the tablist. My only possible option I could think of which is not what you want, is to display the scoreboard list only for the players who must see the other scores, or you can make a prefix such as [%score%] PlayerName e.g ([4] !PoKu).
    But that is what I got for you. btw I was sick this entire week, Sorry for the late reply.

    If you need some further help with this, I can take my time for you to create the best solution. :)
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    It's okay dude, don't worry, really thanks you very much for your help. :)
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