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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by ImminentFate, Jul 16, 2011.

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    I got a bug, when i Give myself an item and destroy something, it comes back. Please tips :S
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    Plugins Working If i use 1.81 plugins?
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    Please don't put the file download in file server, it Only let you download it once and you have to wait again. I would suggest you putting the file in media fire and shrink the link with ad-fly so you guys can also earn money for each download. (10000 = $5.00)
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    Wow. I HATE fileserve. Other than that its perfect for my dream of running the biggest server EVER! I'll have to buy an actual server dedicated machine. :p

    Have you port forwarded?

    If you haven't then go to command prompt, type in ipconfig, then type your ipv4 address in your web browser. Example: Then find port forwarding and do it. :D

    So PLEASE!! Do something but file-serve!

    YES please ad-fly and media fire!

    Yes, but if it has somthing like /spawnmob for 1.8 then it will only have 1.8 mobs.

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    Thx.Heres Your Gold For Help [gold][gold][gold]
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    Thank you! Yaay! Now I can buy some Ender eyes to beat the end!
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    When I click on the Bukkit server shortcut, the cmd prompt pops up and starts the server, but the interface doesnt pop up... Help? I just like the interface better then the cmd prompt.
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    Is there any way that I can allocate more memory to the server? Sitting on 16 gb.

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    good but i hate file serve
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    See people, is banned on these forums. I do normally have a Dropbox link under the fileserve link however right bow I am over my bandwidth limit on Dropbox so you will have to wait until Monday
    Also, @Duncan2808 you may have to OP yourself or try moving further from the spawn
    And all plugins from previous versions should work BESIDES spout, towny and other massive ones. Those may have issues.

    Yes, open the craftbukkit starter.bat in notepad and fund where it says "Xmx2048M" and change it to "Xmx16G"

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    It disables my plugins saying /lib/gson.jar also known as jar-loader
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    Is that all it says?
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    Hey, not to be a bother, of course, but is there a way I can get Norton to trust/allow that download? I appreciate any help that can be given, and give my thanks in advance. :)
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    No offence but it's a shit download location. 600 seconds?! Please upload to mediafire...
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    Not sure what else, but please suggest more! All ideas welcome!
    maybe u can add a section to survivor: Versus mode. (Man against each other)

    Greetz Roy
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    I can make the server, and i can join the server, but my friends cant. problem.... help?
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    Go to you Norton Icon, click on the tab that says settings, scroll down to auto-protect, turn it off for how ever long it will take to download. That's it, after it is installed Norton leaves it alone...

    What does it say on your friends Minecraft when they try to connect?

    ImminentFate can you help?

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    How do you change the world map i want to change it
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    delete the folder for the worlds
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    open up your plugins folder
    check that the following files are in there:
    • pail.jar
    • pailplus.jar
    if they aren't, get them

    if they are, delete their corresponding folders

    then try again
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    Not working, it doesnt read any plugins... we're screwed. I even did it with admin controlls, still doesnt work :[
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    i cant download it i click the download and it says fast download or slow download i click the slow download as its free and it says not allowed.!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need this. will it work for hamachi servers?
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    Alternate Link?
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    Can you not update it to 1.0.0 please !! :)
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    is there another way to download the file because fileserve wont let me download it i had a server but i need to re-download cause of 1.0 and i didn't know there was a patch please help me asap thanks
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    Hey, I am unsure if I have done this correct. I downloaded and ran the installer, but when i click the CraftBukkit Server icon on my desktop, it just pulls up the command prompt and this is what the command prompt shows.

    174 recipes
    27 achievements
    01:16:50 [INFO] Starting minecraft server version 1.0.0
    01:16:50 [INFO] Loading properties
    01:16:50 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on
    01:16:50 [WARNING] **** FAILED TO BIND TO PORT!
    01:16:50 [WARNING] The exception was: Address already in
    use: JVM_Bind
    01:16:50 [WARNING] Perhaps a server is already running on that port?
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    Do I have to pay for fileserv to download something? In the page... There was no download link to download. The only thing I saw was "Fastest Download", and you need premium for it. I never used this site to download stuff. If dropbox won't hold it, what about media fire, or megeupload? They are free to use. More people would get your stuff if you changed your download link. People get confused when they use fileserv.
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    Can not reach server.
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    I do normally have a Dropbox link as well, but that's down until Monday. On the fileserve page, just scroll down a bit and you will see the actual download link
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    Whenever I click the desktop icon, the Command Prompt pops up and then instantly dissapears. Whenever I click the Java 6 or 7, it does that too. What do I do? :(
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