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    Protect your players! >> have a second login

    This plugin allows you to require everyone or just selected players to authenticate their IP with a password set by them. This creates a second layer of security for servers. All data is stored encryptet on the server for maximal security


    1. Download and Copy the plugin JAR to your plugins folder on your Server
    2. Edit the settings.yml in IPL folder => everybody:false means that IPLock is not required for everybody... true is self-explaining ;-)
    3. Give all users that you want to use IPL the permission node ipl.basic
    4. Each user with ipl.basic needs to login and use "/ipl register [password]" to make it function for them
    5. Dowload the updater (it is attached to this post here)
    6. Once they have registered they open the updater tool and enter the server info, then click start to update the server with their IP
    * This Plugin can be automaticly updated with a plugin called CraftBukkitUpToDate

    [​IMG] GitHub: volpi3000's source

    • ipl.basic - Gives access to register with the server
    • ipl.admin - Gives access to manage users

    • /ipl help - Show IPL Help (ipl.basic)
    • /ipl register [password] - Register yourself with the server (ipl.basic)
    • /ipl unregister [username] - Remove a user from the list (ipl.admin)
    The updater tool:

    The updater sends your IP every 30 seconds to the server. This is how the plugin can verify that it is really you that is login in and it wont kick you. Of course everthing is stored and send encryptet. You can run the the updater from every pc you want to login from.

    You know everything is working well, if the the tool shows a green online as on the picture.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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    This updater isn't working with 1.6
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