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    Have you ever been working on a big project in the minecraft world? If so then you'll know that when you make big fancy structures and buildings they can be very hard to light up, and if you can then the lighting will ruin the theme of the structure.

    I'm after someone who can develop a simple plugin that allows invisible light sources to be created
    A plugin which gives you the ability to fully light up a chosen region [using similar techniques to world edit] so there is no need for lights to be placed.

    Some ideas may be:
    - To create a new block without texture but has the same light power as light blocks
    - To copy the glowstone block but remove its texture, whilst still being able to use glowstone on the server
    - Allow light through certain blocks, so that skylight can get through stone, wood etc.

    Please get back to me :)
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    Light is calculated client side, so this is impossible
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  3. I think with 1.3.2 you can mess around with it server side.
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    Even so could you not suggest anything?

    Recently I have thought of an alternative but it wouldn't be as good as the real thing. I think that if I were to change the texture of an unpopular/unused block (maybe bedrock or command block) so that it is no longer an opaque object and now let's light through it, then i would broadcast to my server that they should select 'use server textures'.

    Would this work? And even so, is it the best alternative?

    Interesting! Do you think that this may be possible in 1.4.7 (latest stable version of bukkit) and in 1.5?

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    You can force a texture onto someone with a plugin
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    We're making quick progress! Can you tell me if such a plugin exists?
    Or could you make a small, lightweight plugin which is able to do this, but with customisable blocks? (By this I simply mean the transparent block can be changed)
  7. Or you can have a torch that follows the player. XD
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    Just for factual information, there is a such thing as a "skyblock" found in file Not entirely sure what it does, but I've managed to use it to make a single block light up. However, I haven't been able to remove it, so it's not of any use.
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    I think he meant to write can't. 99% sure.
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    Ah :). I saw this plugin when I was researching, but I feared that the torchlight around the player wouldn't be strong enough to light up large buildings.

    That is ofcourse unless I misread the plugin page and you can change the light intensity of the torch? But I don't think it's possible for a single light to have a higher light intensity 15.


    this is a video link to such a plugin you suggested:
    As you can see in the video, it is still very dark around him, so he wouldn't be able to see anything 15 blocks away.

    I'm not very gifted when it comes to java but when you say 'I haven't been able to remove it', do you mean from the file you found it in? And if so, maybe there is someone else that can?

    Also when you say it will 'make a single block light up', do mean that it has just 1 out of 15 light intensity?

    That's a brilliant link, however I cannot write java plugins by myself even though it seems pretty simple. Has a plugin been created which includes the code shown in the link?

    But even so, this doesn't solve the whole problem! Say that I was trying to light up a cave deep underground? What then? There would be too many blocks above to make transparent, and it wouldn't be very effective.

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    I mean that once I put the light source there, I haven't found any way at all to remove the light source. So the light is permanent until you delete the map.
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    What has been done in the past is a plugin keeps a torch in the player
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    That doesnt prevent monster spawning.
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    I can have other plugins handling that :)

    Plugins like that will not light up walls and structures more than 15 blocks away, so good idea but its not very useful in this situation.

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