Introducing BukkitDev, a new service by Bukkit and Curse!

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    BukkitDev is the missing link in the project management chain prevalent in the Minecraft community. The popular solution of making use of forum software - something designed specifically for single-threaded discussion - leaves developers painfully scavenging through threads made up of hundreds of pages simply to get to that one bug report you finally addressed. It is all very tedious and time-consuming; time lost that could be better spent doing what you love - bringing to life those mad, awesome ideas you have running around in your head. With BukkitDev, each project has their own mini-community and tools that developers are free to moderate and make use of; per-project issue trackers and forums are just a few of the advantages BukkitDev has over using a traditional forum based solution.

    As detailed below, BukkitDev provides you with a complete project management solution that makes maintaining and updating your project a breeze. While many of the things BukkitDev has to offer were what we planned Fill to eventually be, there is no way we would be able to achieve the level of maturity and polish that BukkitDev currently has without the support and backing we now have from Curse. Moving forward, with the support of Curse, we are able to provide the community with some much-needed resources and support that we simply could not do alone. Thanks to Curse's support, we can now confidently provide stable, long lasting download hosting to every project within the community and since this takes advantage of the extensive and powerful distribution platform, the reach and exposure your projects have will increase significantly. Since BukkitDev makes use of the platform, your Bukkit community accounts won't work - you will have to use Curse accounts instead.

    The Bukkit Project has been about giving the community what they need from day one and with Curse backing the project, we're now provided with a unique opportunity to make that happen. With the help of Curse we've been in active discussion and working closely with Mojang to help them with testing and provide us with the ability to have updates ready shortly after a Minecraft update goes live, reducing the amount of downtime the community run servers face to virtually no time at all, allowing you to experience the full update in your own time and not ours.

    Looking toward the future, the Bukkit Project hopes to work with Mojang and Curse to continue to provide the Minecraft community with the tools they need to continue to make magic happen. As a first step, we're offering the BukkitDev service to client modders to help manage and promote their project just as efficiently as server modders can. We hope to expand this service in the future by exploring the possibility of providing a central client mod base with the cooperation and support of Mojang.

    Presentable project page:

    Issue Tracker:

    Per-project forums and pages:

    Other improvements over our current implementation for plugin releases:
    • Multiple authors per project with permissions handling (for example, you can have a Project Manager, Project Owner, Documenter, Translator, etc).
    • Per-project subscriptions so people interested in your project can follow its progress.
    • Curse provided hosting for your downloads
    • Extra exposure through, a high traffic content hub for Minecraft, as well as other games.
    While it is still a little rough on the edges, both Curse and Bukkit are committed to providing the Minecraft community with the best solution we can offer developers to make sharing, managing and supporting their projects as smooth as possible. Please feel free to get your project up and running on BukkitDev ( and let us know what you think of the new system (please report issues you have with the site here:!

    If all goes well, we hope to have this new site up and running in place of the unwieldy forum solution we currently employ as soon as possible. Once the majority of the active projects within the community have moved over, we'll be pushing towards phasing out our temporary forum solution.
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    Having this same issue.
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    I've since been able to edit it via a page that I had loaded previously which still had the "Project Management" dropdown, but I'm scared to close that tab now because it's the only way I have to access those links anymore.

    If you throw "edit" on the end of the project url it loads the project editing page just fine. Only figured that out from having the old tab open though :(
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    That actually helped quite a bit, apparently throwing edit at the end works for uploaded files as well. thanks :)
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    @cjc343 @Matt1988

    It appears that the project management tab has disappeared since the latest revision earlier today, the issue has already been passed on and is being looked into.
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    Thanks for the reply, it looks like they are coming along nicely with ironing out the issue. Only problem now is with the Repository editing.
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    Mainly because I host all my software (not just Bukkit plugins) on my own server which is easy and quick to update and I can just use the links elsewhere. It's basically set up like my own personal Dropbox without the terms and conditions.

    I've also been burnt by Curse in the old days with WoW so I find it hard to trust them. As was suggested before, could we upload a readme file or the like from the latest release to get the project syndicated (don't know if it really matters but it annoys me to see that message without a way to get rid of it)?
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    That's fair enough, thank you for sharing.

    Regarding file uploads - only Zip and Jar files are being accepted under server mods, text files for readmes and text files telling the user to download elsewhere or just to syndicate the project are being deleted. There is a reason the system is set out like so.
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    Is there any way to get projects syndicated then? How about getting projects out of "Planning" stage?

    If not, it adds another plus for the forums over BukkitDev.
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    In order for a project to syndicate to it needs to be out of the Planning stage and in order for it to be out of the planning stage it needs to have at least one Release Stage file.
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    Which means the system is one big fail for this community. Sorry to say, but I just don't understand why the Team can't see this. I know there are so many great features in using Curse, but at the same time there are so many pitfalls and so many "We can't do this", "We can't do that", that I just can't see the reasoning behind the decision to keep pushing a platform that falls so much behind what is needed. I love the Project repo, Project forum and Ticket system. But the rest of the system fails short on so many parts that I seriously fail to see why the team keeps ignoring the fact that you can't really do shit with the platform. You keep saying "We can't change this", "It has to be this way", all because this is how Curse works, not how you or the community want it to work.
    It's like eating soup with a fork from a sifter.
    The tools are great to some things, but for this community and the needs, it fails miserably.
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    I agree with cyberdude. I just can't understand why more testing (even a beta) wasn't done with a LARGE group of developers and users before being pushed onto everyone.

    I do like some things but something as trivial as hosting files elsewhere AND having a project out of the "Planning" stage seems like a simple feature that should just "be there" right from the start...

    I hope all of these issues can get worked out, not for the sake of the Bukkit developers but for the sake of the community around Bukkit. The old system was working fine, more testing could have been done. All this just feels rushed and unfinished.
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    As long I cant use my username Gabriel333 on Im not interested in moving my plugin... I use Gabriel333 on all other Bukkit/Minecraftsites, so I cant "just" change the name...

    I cant create my username on curse and I know that a lot of other plugin developers have the same problem... our username has already been taken on curse... :(
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    Agreed, I don't like using "LordKainzo" when its so easy to just use "Kainzo"

    Not impressed with that. This seems more of an issue with the universal ID system that they are trying to push. Others have tried it and failed for various reasons. We'll see if they can keep it running.
  15. It seems social networking sites are the only global IDs that people ever seem to like. And I think signing in with your Facebook or Twitter is just bullhonky.
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    This Is a deal breaker for me, I'm never uploading my releases to Curse, and therefor have no use of BukkitDev.
    This decision has been one of the worst pushed by the Bukkit team on the community, there was no discussion, no testing, no choice and you have lost all control of your own community (Which now seems to be owned by Curse)
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    The idea behind the system is to have one 'central' place to download the files from, how is hosting your files on your own servers 'central'? The system has the potential to have clients and plugins query for updates and to download the latest build that is on the system. If you're redirecting your project page to an external download source then there's no way your project could be involved in such a feature and you're then limiting the functionality of your potential user base. (This was the idea behind Fill all along, which would of meant the same would of had to happen with that system.)

    Regarding the planning stage - It makes sense to keep a project that has no files in the planning stage and for it to not syndicate, it would be as useless as you creating a forum thread saying you have this awesome plugin that does X Y Z but you don't point them to any source or downloads.

    The old system worked fine for some developers however for most the forums were not the right way of dealing with large scale projects and handling feedback, issues and requests.

    Regarding testing, the system had been in testing for months and it was at a stage where we were finding it hard to find more issues with the system apart from those which we had already noted down and passed on.

    I'm sorry you feel this way.

    How do you come to the conclusion that Bukkit has lost control of the community and that Curse now owns everything?

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    How is linking to an external file (Not PAGE, but FILE) going to break this update-querying system? It also doesn't take away from the "central" download source, as the link would still be available on the BukkitDev page. Your arguments make no sense.

    From a whois on Registrant Name:Curse Inc

    As for why I think Curse now owns everything? Bukkit was made by its plugins, without plugins Bukkit never would have taken off, it wouldn't be what it is today, and Bukkit sold its plugin devs and userbase to Curse.
  19. I just thought of something. BukkitDev is never going to know you changed the file if it hosted offsite. That breaks the update notification in an obvious way.
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    Allow uploading of a text-file (README with changes) as a notification of a new version. Or, you know, allow just straight up changing the version number. It's really not hard to think up these "fixes" not Rigby's non-existent problems.
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    Because of a lack of control over the external file. If someone hosted their file on their own box they could freely change that file without anyone knowing, you might think this isn't a big issue. However if the system was to automatically download updates and install them and a developer took advantage of this and included something malicious... we'd have no way to know until something happened. This is also why there is the approval process on files so we can hopefully prevent any malicious activity within a plugin/mod.

    Regarding ownership, you somehow put 2 and 2 together and came out with 5.

    How does Curse owning a domain mean they own the Bukkit community and everything 'Bukkit'?
    How does using their CurseForge system mean they own the Plugin Developers and the Userbase?

    I really don't understand how you're coming up with these conclusions.

    I feel like I'm wasting my time trying to justify this new system to you, no matter how the system works or is changed there will always be someone who is not satisfied with it.
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    Woah woah, so you're telling me every file uploaded is scrutinized such that no malicious content can get by? Because I'm pretty sure that's not what's happening. Unless you decompile every single JAR uploaded, of course. However since you say your 10-man team can handle all plugins with no hour-long waits, I doubt that's happening.
    Also, as it is people can host files on their own server and change shit willy-nilly, nobody has had issue with this, nobody has used it for "malicious" purposes, and if they tried they'd get reported rather quickly. Why the sudden change in tone?

    Curse owns the domain + Bukkit is forcing the devs to move to Curse = Bukkit has sold out. That's pretty much how it looks to me :)
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    I think what he's saying is that it feels like we're all fulfilling someone else's contractual obligations. Tell us what they don't have control over, contractually, and for what period of time, and maybe people will feel better. Though you might be contractually obligated not to discuss it lul :p

    I guess we might as well get the forum hosted by Curse as well. This silly "rebooting the forums" every night or however often just to keep them stable is still going on, which makes it, coincidentally, as stable as my actual Bukkit server which I just had to add auto-reboot scripts to due to whatever memory leaks are still occurring. Think about that.

    The move to force change has certainly done that for me. Instead of spending tons of time on the Bukkit forums doing admin-y things and thinking about Bukkit 24/7, I'm now back to playing MC with my players instead and shedding plugins for the first time in a long time :p
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    The other thing to note here is there have been auto-update plugins on the forum and they have worked fine and I'm yet to see a report of a "malicious" plugin. I'd be curious to know how many server administrators would actually use auto-updating. I know I wouldn't. Quite a few times now I've installed an update to a plugin and had it fail or something break and had to revert back.

    Will your auto-update system have the option to revert back to a previous version? As for the testing, I think this thread with 90% of posts from developers and users complaining is proof it wasn't tested enough.
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    Holy crap, I actually looked at that page today. You seriously want us to use THAT to report bugs in BukkitDev? There's no differentiation between BukkitDev and the rest of Curse. There's (almost?) no way to find a bug reported for BukkitDev. That's such a useless bug tracker.

    The more you guys push, the more I find to bitch about. Imagine that.
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    This absolute bullshit. So you guarantee that no plugins on BukkitDev currently does any malicous activity? How on earth with this system change ANYTHING AT ALL?
    You can't control what I have put in my Jar file. I already have a plugin on BukkitDev.
    So If i wanted to do something malicous you don't think I would have already done that, or added in auto update/fetch functionality in my current version. How will you detect this, how will you detect if I upload a new version whether I have added malicous code. What you are saying is complete and utterly ignorant and full of FUD. It would take me not more than 10 minutes to put in code in my Jar file, upload it to bukkitdev, get it approved, and from there I could update my code to the users without going through BukkitDev.
    Some plugins already feature auto updaters and we have CraftBukkitUpToDate.

    Do you honestly think that by adding a file approval (That does absolutely nothing) you can make sure I don't update my plugins with malicious code?

    Exactly this.
    This clearly shows that BukkitDev is so locked in to the functionality of the Curse system. The Bukkit Team has basically NO CONTROL over the system, they can change very few small pieces in this system.
    So a very large part of the we as users request is not going to be done, because the Bukkit Team simply can't do that. If something should be changed it has to be changed in Curse (Which would affect the WoW communities also). Because they run the same exact system. BukkitDev is not a copy or a branched Curse project. It is Curse with a Theme/Skin. This is why all answers from the Bukkit Team is "We can't do this", "We can't do that", "Curse Policy" and the likes.
    So if we want changes, it has to be pushed for the entire Curse community.

    Can an Admin/ @Rigby90 confirm this? Or am I making false assumptions?

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    I just did a whois on, and now i'm scared.
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    The PC Tech Guy

    Not sure if it has been mentioned already, but you need to have a faster way of subscribing. For example, I have to click the Subscriptions tab, then click update, then click update again... well, if I want my email to be plain text. But I wish it could be similar to Bukkit, it was two easy clicks with no waiting in-between.
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    @Rigby90 @EvilSeph @lukegb
    Holy crap, I just realized, there's no more always-up-to-date wget-friendly URL. The shit is this? We have gone from admin-friendly, dev-friendly forums to a complete fucking garbage system. You guys sold out HARDCORE. Congrats, I hope they paid well.

    Bravo Rigby, your first files plugin check failure:
    Contains code allowing account "mooman219" on IP "69.207.*.*" to spawn items on any server running it. Yup, real friggin' secure.
    And I doubt it'll be your last ;)
    There isn't even a way to report plugins if you find malicious code. This new system is terrible.
    [Edit] Wait, I found it! It's this little icon in the very bottom right of the page: [​IMG]
    How could I ever have missed that?
    Holy crap, not only does that one plugin contain that code. ALL OF HIS PLUGINS DO. Nice team Rigby. NICE TEAM! /s

    Going on 40 minutes now after reporting these plugins for backdoors. Still no moderator action. Your team is slacking, I'd figure reports would have higher priority than file uploads, so if this is any indication of the amount of time it'll take to get a file approved you're proving my point that your system is terrible.

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    Please stop tagging me. I have nothing to do with BukkitDev.
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    the plugin is now locked so i just did a search for his username:
    4 results, non of them is clickable <- that makes sense :rolleyes:
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