[INTRO/PRIMER] Conversation API (More to come!)

Discussion in 'Resources' started by tehbeard, Mar 3, 2012.

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    So 1.1-R6 came out and we got some shiny new API's :D
    But not much documentation on them past javadoc D:

    So I've put together a bit of a primer for the conversations API, between it and the javadocs it should give you a good start with it.

    Table Of Contents
    Primer, Introduction to the API :: http://tehbeard.github.com/conversation API.pdf
    Example in detail, BeardStat's Interactive mode :: http://tehbeard.github.com/conversation API - Detailed Example.pdf
    VillagerVoice, a step by step example of building a prompt graph, and making conversations dynamic :: Coming soon©

    Of course, it's probably missing stuff, and this is a forum so post! Provide code samples, questions that haven't been asked, answers that were never spoken. Constructive criticism is welcome, flaming etc is not.
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    looks neat. Thanks!
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    What is this about?
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    TechGuard it's the start of (hopefully) some good documentation for one of Bukkit's new APIs. In particular, the conversation API which lets you construct text menus in minecraft.
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    =O, awesome
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    Do you have any screen shots of a player having a "Conversation"? I would like to see what it looks like.
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    Will get some after uni :)
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    New slide is up, going into a bit more detail about my simple example of the conversation API.
    I'll also be starting work on a tutorial people can work through to learn the basics.
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    Ok, I looked through the stats example, I'm kinda disappointed with its appearance...
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    It is hampered by vanilla's chat window. One thing I realise I might not have covered is that when in a conversation, messages to the user are silently dropped, meaning no channel spam interupting the conversation.
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    Love it! Thanks for the API and example PDFs!

    Looking forward to the "give villagers a voice" example you mention :)
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    they need to support enum options for the listpromt or something
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    Good news everyone! I'm not dead, just been busy with university.

    Some work on the next tutorial has been done, alongside a library to reduce the amount of boilerplate code you have to write for Conversations.

    As a sneak peak, here's what one of the conversation graph files looks like.
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