Internet Connection Speed for a Busy Minecraft Server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by stevevbrewer, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Would a home cable broadband connection of 20Mb be good enough to run a Minecraft server that constantly has between 10 and 30 out of 72 players online (and growing, its only our first month)?

    I'm looking at buying a server but just need to know if my broadband will cope with hosting a server...

    Basically I just need to know how many players you can host on a 30Mb home broadband... It apparently has upload speeds of around 3Mb.

    And if this won't host many players then do people really have to pay £750 a month for a business connection?

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    Do an actual speed test to see what your connection is as ISP's never have what they advertise. If you do have 20mb that should be good for about 15 - 25 people.

    Ah upload is what you want to look at not download speeds. 3mb will not hold very much maybe 3 - 8.

    Also if you buy from a host upload typically offered is 100mbit upload to 1000mbit and is fairly cheap.

    For example I buy straight from the datacenter and it's an extra $5 for a 1000mbit upload. See my sig if you are interested.

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    You could use Craftproxy to reduce consumed bandwith up to 80%.
    With this plugin you should be able to hold 25-30 player.
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    You may want to mention that this also requires all players to download and run an executable.
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    Its not required. A player can also connect without this, causing more server network load of course. But i generally agree your statement.
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    I run a server with 40 people, on a 10mb connection. No problems.
  7. 40 people on at once or 40 members in general? I heard somewhere that 1 player connected equals .5 mb of internet speed. I definitely don't think so, though. I have 22.5mbps upload speed and i had around 40 on my server at most, but it capped because i host and play on my computer (iMac). So i just ordered a new computer to run my server which will only leave internet speed as our only limiting factor. :p
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    Where can you get 22.5mbs upload speed from? Every ISP I know can only give you about 5-10 mbs max.
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    Fiber Optics has some amazing packages, especially now with Quantum. I have 30x30 bandwidth and run a 60 player server just fine, but of course it varies depending on your area (I live very close to Dallas which is very popular for rackspace servers)
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