Interest in a Bukkit install + update system (Windows)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by NoMad, May 1, 2011.

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    Hey Users,
    I just wondered how interested you might be to have an Installer + Updater (+Plugin installer) for bukkit, under Windows.
    I'm currently coding a Solution to Download and "Install" Bukkit, because I maintain a minecraft webserver with several players on it. Before I shove an update and plugins there, without knowing if this works, I test everything on my own machine. "Installing" bukkit over and over, every week, gets a bit annoying, so I thought of this project.
    I'll code it anyway for me, but if there's enough demand, I'll publish it here.
    The Program will be written in c#, .NET Framework 3.0 required.
    It will be open Source.
    Features: Download from/to any location, Preset-Configs, Updater(just new .jar or complete "new Install" (delete old configs))(, Plugin downloader[/unpacker]/installer).
    As it's open Source, and just to remind, it's free (oh boy, really! :D )
    Multilanguage (German/English, for more Languages, you are needed).

    Please write here, if you are interested in such a program.
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    i can do dutch language :)
    also i can do some programming, if you place it on github, and allow committing, i will
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