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    I know there is a few plugins that track things and add taxes or pay out. Sadly almost of all them have some other added on garbage no one needs. Some only keep track as long as the server is up and reset the time on every boot, again something thats not great.

    Be nice to have a plugin that would for example:
    be able to list people (like a whitelist) able to add remove them easily with a simply command.
    and be able to set each person to recieve a (configuable) amount of money every 24 hours, 48 hours, 7 days what ever you might need.
    This way after X amount of time they get payed the amount and thats it.

    This way an Admin could
    /payment add NAME AMOUNT TIME
    /payment add bob 350 7day (or broke into secs what ever)
    and a simple
    /payment remove NAME
    to just kill the data and stop the paying.

    This way reboots wouldnt erase the time, only those listed would be paid, and only e paid what is listed every X time.

    Be great for RPGish servers that are looking for a way to create a job enviroment without having to have a huge plugin with tons of stuff they dont want or need.

    Biggest issue i find with plugins like this is reboots reset the time, or they have so much added junk that we dont need.

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