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    Server Register Website display plugin

    This plugin is used to tell users the website of your server for them to register at your website.
    Just edit it in Config and you set and you can use /register and it displays the text in config Leave the
    "Register: "

    To install:
    1.Download the latest version .
    2.put it in your **plugins folder**.
    3.restart or reload the server you will see a file called "Register" Open it and you will see the Config text file.
    4. Change the text to what ever but leave the "Register: " with space and type in whatever message you want.
    5.Use /registerreload then your all set!

    **note The permissions have changed a bit so please look at then at .
    • Can show your server ip you put in in the config using /serverip
    • Can show your server website you want users to register editing config and using /register
    • Can reload the whole plugin with /registerreload
    Future Things coming soon.
    • Color code support
    • command to enable and disable plugin
    • Says to player and first join but also works when you do /register
    For More information visit :

    If you have any questions, please Pm/ask me!

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