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    Project is closed!
    Simple webstat writen on php5, now only for mcMMO whith MySQL and PHP 5.2.1+
    Version: 0.5
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    Download: Last version
    1. move files to web-folder on your website
    2. edit config.php
    3. chmod 777 "data"
    4. chmod 666 for all .json files on folder "data"
    5. cake? )
    6. p.s. if you have "internal" problem try delete .htaccess
    7. if you disabled mining on your server:
      • open webstats.class.php found "AND ms.`mining` >0" (on line: 64)
        and delete this part, and all be ok
    8. p.p.s if css/js not load:
      • for IIS need change chmod "min" folder
      • go min/config.php
      • found $min_documentRoot = substr(__FILE__, 0, -15);
      • change it like $min_documentRoot = "c:\\xampp\\htdocs\\ws_for_mcmmo_folder";
      • its your path if you used windows, or '/home/accountname/public_html' if linux

    1. upload & rewrite all files except config.php
    2. chmod 666 for all .json files on folder "data" if needed
    3. testing and comment

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    • perfomance relise & secure
    • add index_ajax.php for all ajax request
    • add posible gzip compression for css/js (minify_2.1.4_beta)
    • add cache images and others to .htaccess
    • add google charts :D (ideas?)
    • need mining > 0 for adding to table
    • now limit 1000 users whith biggest mining skill
    • fix some html errors

    v 0.3:

    • add icons & tooltips
    • some fixes
    • fixed "zebra"
    • fixed width
    • remove page "users" & add it to popup on click name
    v 0.2: (need chmod 666 for all .json files on folder "data")

    • add powerlevel
    • some bugfix
    • some cleanups
    • compare php version
    • add config (time_cache, prefix)
    v 0.1:

    • initial relise
    • caching 120s
    • json data for API
    • list users and skills

    • better functional
    • chek all variants for work
    • party(?)
    • search functional
    • fix some css errors
    • cache not only json
    • add weeks ratings and all for it
    • tool tips
    • charts and other graf
    • add power level
    P.S. Waite for your comments and sorry for my english )

    working for food, writing sites to order :)
    if you want remove or replace my copyright do this:
    open js / tooltips.js and remove
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    Is there any chance that this could be converted into a sig for forums? It would be nice to have a persons stats below their posts.
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    Do i need to wait for an update for webstats to work again? The page looks fine, But Everything stopped updating i checked my sql and the databases were intact here is my live map Here
    And here is the static stats page Here i can't for the life of me figure out just what went wrong?

    If you would like to help with this matter Plz visit our forums and post where appropriate :) thnx
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    You don't have permission to access /mcmmo-ws/js/jquery.dataTables.min.js on this server.
    configure your server )
    maybe later, havent time (
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    When i want to Download a .jar File, there is only a .zip File! : /

    Can you Help me Please? : )

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    its a web-site
  7. Any help with the update prob? Seems mine isn't updating either,
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    i found the problem make sure the ports are open mine was 3306 now one last question what do i delete to restart the stats to zero :confused:
  9. Hi, thanks for your help. I write right permissions to my files. Look here: But my web statistics dont´t have the beautiful graphics. My js/css file isn't loaded. I don't understand it. Look here:

    Thanks for any help.
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    Work this on linux?
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    Sven Olderaan

    ofc it does just get xampp or apache
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    Nathan C

    Theme still does not show up.
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    does this use a lot of server specs?cpu and memory wise?
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    No. This is a website that accesses the mcmmo database, and displays the information in a presentable manner. This will not affect your minecraft servers performance at all. Same answer if you are refering to your webserver. (Or if they are one and the same)
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    Deleted user

    I get this error:
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    MySQL Error!

    The Error returned was:
    Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (110)

    Error Number:

    But all my infos correct... wtf?
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    I think we'll need an update for this to add the "Fishing" skill.
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    Deleted user

    Can you help me with my issue..?
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    Sadly this doesn't even list half of my users.
    Even I as the first player who ever used mcmmo on the server, therefore id=1, am not the stats... wonder why?
    It seems to be limited to 1000 players, any way to raise the limit ?

    For the ones with the same issue go to

    line 60
    Change LIMIT to whatever number you want
    line 64
    the same goes with this one

    then delete the
    files to let it query for all players

    there we go :D
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    I get this:
    No data available in table
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    why fishing skill doesn't appear in the table?
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    Sorry but what do steps 3 and 4 mean
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    Change the permissions of the folder/folder contents to read/write
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    No data available in table​
    I think this should update.​
    before this works well​
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    One big request for others tab or even a mouseover update. List out each persons perks/skills/abilities and the rate/percentage.

    So a lvl 150 miner has 10.99999998% chance of double drop or whatever. The reason being any newcomers that look at the stats and go "wtf" it will give them a readout off all the perks of playing and actually spending time to level up or just a comparison of what others rates are or what to expect at a certain level. If you could even direct me how to pull this myself I can implement it on the side.
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    MySQL Error!
    The Error returned was:
    Access denied for user 'ventures_x3ndles'@'' (using password: YES)
    Error Number:
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    hello i need help i want to make webstats example like dynmap problem is whenever i serch for MCmmo webstats thread is closed,expired or download link broken :/
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    I used the old version without any problem.

    Now i use the latest version.
    But the tables on the website wont show anything.

    MySQL connection works.
    Tables are filled,

    also the /mcmmo/data/user.json grows.

    but no output on the website .... (latest version)
    any idea ?

    Edit: the old version i use (v0.3) works (parallel)
    Mysql tables was recreated with the new version.
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    I got an internal Server error and when i delete the .htaccess it's not look great:

    And nobody is in the list xD
    Also: Don't work. Can anybode help me?

    Is there a link to the old version?

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    Bump at previous post
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    Bump at previous post, too.

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