[INFO] ShowHealth v0.3 - Show Health In Percentage [1000]

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    ShowHealth - Show Health In Percentage
    Version: 0.2
    Lazy telling friends your health?
    Well, no reason to be panic, type /hp to show to health to everyone!

    1. Download this plugin
    2. Copy it
    3. Paste it into root/plugins
    4. Run launcher
    Preview: Version 0.2 (Outdated)
    • If player health more than 30, show green color text
    • If player health lower than 30, show red color text

    /hp - To view player health's

    Todo Lists:
    • Add Permission?
    • View target player health
    • Add armor ap
    Download Here!

    Version 0.3
    • Compatibility with RB 1000
    • Code fixed and updated
    Version 0.2
    • Updated a few codes.
    Version 0.1
    • Initially releasing.
    Enjoy And Leave Feedback To Me!

    @Sosser for helping me with the percentage.
    This plugin had been stopped from developing.

    @Shaun Bennett - Here's my new plugin xD
    Still working with others also!

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    Yeah, this is definitely cool for learning plugins :)
    However if you add the ability to show target players health it would actually be quite useful :D

    And one more thing, perhaps you should add the actual amount of hearths after the percent like so:
    Maybe even do like so:
    Dividing the amount of lifes by 2 so that you get the amount that is actually represented in the health bar. However it looks kinda stupid with percent if you do so, i mean you obviously see the connection :p
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    What does 2,5 means?
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    I really like this plugin, so i integrated my own Version With my plugin Beat'em Up(link in sig), is it ok if i release it?
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    /Todo list updated
    Releasing 3 different packages
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    is 974 needed for something? Please use latest recommended build in the title
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    Since you said so cause I'm using 974.
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    if you can make this show the health of the person you are looking at (like under their name/floating over head etc) you will be my hero. im using easyrpg, playing a priest/healer and no one can ever warn me/ask for heals before its too late...
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    It will be release this week.
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    What if it did a bar, like [][][][][][][] was full [][][][][][] was minus one etc.
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    I think understand your comprehension, I'll add it into different types or implement it.
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    @KillerSmurf @undeadmach1ne
    Sorry for the delaying. I'm busy setting up my new VPS which causing me a lot of time fixing it.
    Other News:
    This plugin isn't supporting RB1000, I will fix this once I have tested the mc.
    Thank you for understand.

    Updated to Version 0.3
    Version 0.4 Coming Soon.
    Make sure you keep watching my thread.

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    Trying to implement this plugin which Spout.
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    justin shulman

    come on my new war server, we have this plugin
    Wars of minecraft
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    Thank you for using this amazing light weight plugin.
    Sorry, but right now I'm busy working with other things.
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    Alright, the time has came to me. As I decided to stop working on Craft Bukkit, I will leave this plugin to anyone who's interested in.
    Well I lost interested in programming so I'll go back to my old fashion way.

    Thank you for anyone who download this plugin with full of support and whom kept giving me advice.
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    I like the idea :)
    Good work.
    (IMO you should add permissions.)
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    I''m indeed sorry cause I'm no longer working with Craftbukkit.
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    ;( sad to hear sir ;(

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