[INFO] Ranks- Count your blocks and get ranks [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Kostronor, May 4, 2011.

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    exept its not lol
    unless im just handycaped but the other 15+ Plugins speek otherwise

    Is this not intended for the current Recomended build?
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    found a simple notation needed since the new system, i will update my plugins with this notation tomorrow!
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    Cant wait to test it Kostronor
    Lemmy know what i can do to give u more constructive feedback for future replys or bug reports Exetra
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    it says i havent broken any blocks but i have like 100 and place like 60
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    Yea man lol i know same here, He's puting the Notation in and reposting should be up 1 day here soon
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    We going to see an update Anytime soon to actualy make this plugin Work?
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    sorry for not replying but it should have been fixed since about 11th
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    For me it work perfectly with latest bukkit and spout. many thnx :)
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    Can the block break/placed numbers only be shown by using a sign for each player? It would be great to have the possibility to view the numbers sorted in the motd!
  10. And whats the use of getting exp?
    Just displaying it in a sign ?
    And is there another way to get exp (playing hours) ???
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    Dear Kostronor,

    i hope youre still somewhere around?

    I have some issue with plugin since 1.3. When someone type /ranks topten it kills mine server till 0.0TPS and i need to restart it manually. I think they do that simultaneously 3-4 players. Is it possible to optimize your database or something to be easier to process it?

    We will be really happy if you can make something like topten on the wall. U know, we put bunch of signs at wall and one of top will be [ranks] topten or something, and then that sign wall be populated and it changes in real time, switching players name from pos 1-2-6-8 whatever?

    Many thnx in advance :)
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    Does not work anymore!!! :O

    Update??? :) <3

    Does anyone know about a plugin like this one that's working? :)
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    PLEASE UPDATE THIS!!! i think its really cool and i need it on my server!
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    Moved to plugin releases.
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    Thanks Iroh
    I am more actively working on it!
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    Hey guys,

    I am in need of a server with many players to test out the impact of my plugin on the servers performance. And also to minimize this impact...

    For the server owner, there is nothing much to do! I will give him a version of my plugin with some output on speed of requests. If there are security concerns, i will upload the file to bukkitdev to get it checked for malware by them ;)

    If we get into an agreement, i can state your server as an official test server for the plugin, so we all are benefiting!

    For me, many players would start at 50+ average players online...

    Thanks in advance!

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