Inactive [INFO] Playtime v0.7 - See how long you and others have been on [1.1-R4]

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    Playtime - See how long you and others have been on.
    Version: v0.7

    Playtime simply shows how long you or another player have been online.
    Playtime also logs total time played, and can show this as well.

    Playtime supports language translation: Simply edit the "lang" file to change anything Playtime says.

    Playtime has been translated into German, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, and French:
    Playtime supports and is tested with PermissionsEx. Playtime also supports default Bukkit Permissions! (also the first plugin to do so! Not that that matters much.) And will support any permissions plugin that does the same. Playtime also tentatively supports Permissions 2.7.4 and 3.1.x, but is not tested against these.

    If you translate this plugin I would be very grateful if you would send me your lang file so that I may share it with others in this post.

    • See how long a player has been online
    • See how long you have been online
    • See how long a player has been online total
    • Supports PermissionsEx, Permission 2/3, Bukkit Permissions, and defaults to OP

    • /playtime (player) - Provide no player to check yourself, provide one to check that player.
    • /totalplaytime (playtime) - Provide no player to check yourself, provide one to check that player.
    Nodes (open)

    • playtime.* - Implies all others
    • playtime.self - Needed to check one's own playtime
    • playtime.other - Needed to check another player's playtime
    •* - Implies .total.self and .total.other
    • - Needed to check one's own total playtime
    • - Needed to check another player's total playtime

    Download Playtime

    • Version 0.7
      • Updated for new event system
    • Version 0.6
      • Never released
    • Version 0.5
      • Fixed totalplayertime not working all the time.
    • Version 0.4
      • Update for CB1060 and NPE fix.
    • Version 0.3
      • Added /totalplaytime [ Thanks for the bugtesting help @dbizzzle ]
    • Version 0.2
      • Added support for Bukkit Permissions! (First of many to do so!)
      • Version 0.2.1
        • A /reload no longer resets play time
    • Version 0.1
      • Initial release.
    Playtime was suggested by @19jojo93
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    Add mysql support would be great!
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    Resets on server restart -.-
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    I found it resets onserver restart too
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    resetting on server restart, can you fix this please?
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    Are there any errors in the logs at all?

    All my testing on 1060 shows it working just fine.
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    Can't see any errors related to playtime in the server log
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    yea same
    have you got friends who have servers who can test it also?

    maybe saving the info in a file? or db?

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    Could you please add an mysql option?
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    --> Can't see online playtime if someone is offline.
    Thats very cool if you can do it if someone is offline!
    --> Mysql support would be great :)
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    Until you add mysql or other database support, how can I parse the file myself? I thought it might be a plaintext file but the format seems to be something else. What format is that data in? I'd like to parse those total times for a reporting tool I'm building.
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    any news about an update or anything?
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    It appears to still work to me?

    I'm just not adding more features because I'm too busy.

    That said, major bugfix for any interested.

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  14. MySql, would be a awesome feature for this plugin!
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    This is awesome!!!!! I am going to do a video on this!!!
  16. I love your plugin! Can't wait till you add the options to set a custom login/logout message for each player/group :D
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    If you can, it would be amazing to have a top 10 kind of thing for total playtime.
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    I shall look into it.
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    Sqlite would also be an option.
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    I would use this on our server if it had sql support.
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    I agree Mysql would be a great option to allow people to display players times on websites.
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    Love it still.

    However, do you think you could change the commands to
    /playtime (player) - THIS shows your total playtime. (Or perhaps just /played)
    /cplaytime (player) - Shows the playtime you currently have.
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    Hmm... Well, it's not something I really want to do, but I might end up just compiling one for you that has this if I can get the time.

    I also really don't want to do MySQL, but I suppose I'll look into that too.
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    Why thank you, kind sir. I would love you for this.

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    Great plugin but is there a way to check the total playtime for every player at once?
    I would like to have that feature because all the automatic ecomony payout plugins are outdated, so im using this plugin to keep track of time and still pay my players.

    I tried opening the totals file but was unable to read it.

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    You mean like a command to see the totals of all players online at once?
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    yes that would be good, or a way to open the totals file and read it
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    i hope this will be 1.0.1 or 1.1 soon
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    I was wondering if it would be possible to add a command to add or remove playtime for users.
    on my server we are having issues with players padding there stats and currently I know of no way to lower the time to match what they really played.
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    I don't really have plans to add this soon...

    Might I suggest and AFK kicking plugin?

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