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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ZanderMan9, Aug 13, 2014.

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    As many of you know, we here on the Bukkit forums are unable to support offline mode servers. Why, you might ask? Well there are several reasons...
    1. Offline mode servers have unpredictable behaviors, especially with plugins meant to run Online.
    2. Offline servers often are the target of spam floods because non-legitimate accounts can join.
    3. Bukkit is not meant to be run offline. Helping people that do run them offline is like a toy gun company assisting people in making them into real guns: it is dangerous, and not their area of expertise.
    But what if I have AuthMe? Well, that's still a no. AuthMe is only so good, and can easily be worked around.
    And besides that, what do you gain from running a server offline? Certainly not help and support. Before asking for help because your offline server got screwed over, think and consider the fact that you are taking a massive risk which we are not capable of assisting you with.


    Dearest Bukkit Forums Staff,
    Would you please make this a sticky thread if you deem it worthy? I would like it to always be visible to people who might ask for assistance with unsupported servers.
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    I totally understand, non-premium servers are always targetted by people using hacked clients and cracked accounts.
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    ZanderMan9 I wouldn't think much of making this a sticky post - people tend to ignore sticky posts, posts of the same issue, that sort of thing, especially if it's a post that tells them they won't get support. They'll just post anyway in the hopes of getting it.
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    Wow. I decided to revisit this after looking around on the forums at just how many offline-mode server owners are requesting support.

    Why does CraftBukkit even have an option for online-mode? Why not just have it hardcoded on?
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    Because it is in Minecraft and can be useful for testing:
    - If the authentication servers are down for a couple of hours [big point for people who have time windows to work on MC stuff].
    - If you don't have internet access for a while.
    - Of you can't afford couple of extra accounts oror a pack of keen testers who are always ready when you are.
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