[INFO] MorningAnnounce v0.2 - Announcement when the new in-game day begins and ends [1000]

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    Version: v0.2
    A simple plugin that announces to a player when morning and night comes.
    To activate the plugin use:

    The Permissions module used for /MorningAnnounce is:

    This works for both Permissions and PermissionsBukkit
    If neither are available, it will default to OP.
    The idea for this plugin came from Fragger505 at this post

    • Morning Announcement
    • Nighttime Announcement
    • Permissions support
    • PermissionsBukkit support
    • OP support
    • Configurable Announcements

    • High Volume testing (I have a simple little server with few players)
    • Multi-language (Do I need to change more?)
    Version 0.2
    • Added Permissions
    • Added PermissionsBukkit
    • Added Configuration
    • Added Nighttime Announcements
    • Made sure a time change won't mess it up
    Version 0.1
    • Initial Release!
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    Feature request:
    • multilanguage support / translations / possibility to configure messages and announces
    • a config value for permission support ( config.yml > "use-permissions=[true/false]" )
  3. Looks, cool I have tried it out and I like it! I it needs more config options though.
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    Yeah I am currently working on config. This was just something simple I threw together in a day. I'm still learing the Bukkit API (and the Java platform for that matter, I'm coming here from developing python...), and so I just did something simple. Config will be in v0.2, and if I can figure it out I'll get multi-language in there! :)
    EDIT: Just remembered, I'm gonna try out GitHub too by v0.2
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    I'll try this out on my server, we 10 to 50 on depending on the time :p

    Nevermind, in this state it'd just annoy my members :p

    Multiworld support, multiple lines/random messages and message colors would be my suggestions :)
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    Haha :) As far as I know (i've only tested this myself, on a little dev server), multiworld works, and I will definitely work on the random messages, for v1.0. So Far I have Spout support, and world-wide announces. :)
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    @Puzzler what I mean is world-specific messages, turning it off for worlds... :p :)
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    Ah I understand now, like having a settings list that determines what worlds it works for? hmm....
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    1060 update? "enabled: true" in the config to have it always on? Multiple lines? Colours?
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    Yeah well I won't be updating it for 1060, since the new RB is about to come out... I'm gonna try to update it when I can. I've been VERY busy with school!

    Oh and I will have an "enabled: true" sort of thing in the new version.

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