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    iLife - The plugin that tells you your item's life!
    Version: v0.3.0
    This is our first plugin and so it is fairly simple. The plugin basically takes your item that you are holding and tells you how many more uses it has. To do so just use the command /life while holding the item you want in your hand.
    • Tells you how many uses you item has
    • Very lightweight and easy to use
    • Has permissions with permission node
    • Customize the messages to what ever you like!
    • Customize the colors of messages to what ever you like!
    • This plugin only works with any permissions plugin or WITHOUT!

    • /life (ilife.life)

    Version 0.3.0
    • added a configuration file that is created first time you run the plugin
    • you can now customize the message for error,permissions denied and life of an item output
    • you can now customize the color of each message
    Version 0.2.0

    • Fixed bug with the -5 & -1 durability for items without durability
    • plugin is now compatible with any permissions plugin or without a permissions plugin!
    Version 0.1.0

    • Releasing the plugin
    To Do:

    • Add more features
    • add a spot feature(have it say uses left on top of screen)
    • add a configuration file
    • make custom messages and colors possible
    • make it work with any permissions plugin
    • fix the -1 -5 durability bug for items that dont have a durability
    • any other ideas please let me know!
    Config file walk-through:
    This is what you will see first time you run the plugin:
    #===iLife Plugin Configuration===
    #Tue Sep 13 14:08:02 CST 2011
    Permissions\ Message=Write Permission Denied Message Here
    Permissions\ Message\ Colour=Write Permission Denied Message Colour Here
    Life\ Message\ 2=Write Second Half Of Life Message Here
    Life\ Message\ 1=Write First Half Of Life Message Here
    Life\ Message\ 2\ Colour=Write Colour of Second Half Of Life Message Here
    Life\ Message\ 1\ Colour=Write Colour of First Half Of Life Message Here
    Error\ Message=Write error message here
    Error\ Message\ Colour=Write colour for error message here
    This is what each line means and what to do:

    #===iLife Plugin Configuration===
    #Tue Sep 13 14:08:02 CST 2011
    Permissions\ Message=Permission is denied!(this is when a player doesnt have permission)
    Permissions\ Message\ Colour=DARK_RED(color of the above line)
    Life\ Message\ 2=Uses left!(second part after the number of uses of an item)
    Life\ Message\ 1=Your item has:(this is what comes before the number of uses you have)
    Life\ Message\ 2\ Colour=AQUA(color of the Life\ Message\ 2 line)
    Life\ Message\ 1\ Colour=AQUA(color of Life\ Message\ 1 line)
    Error\ Message=THIS IS AN ERROR!(This is the message when you do the command on an item with no durability)
    Error\ Message\ Colour=DARK_BLUE(color of above line for error message)
    HUGE thanks to:

    JWNJWN(help in coding)
    ArtemisTheSecond(help in coding)
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    if u did download and use this plugin let me know how you like or what i can add to it etc. we are working on getting the message for blocks without durability fixed soon!

    plugin was updated to v 0.2.0 now works with all permission plugins also the bug with the -number durability was fixed!Enjoy:D

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    Idea: Configurable color text for when you do /life :] *note*: just an idea :p
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    hmm sure this can be done,should be updated soon:D
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    UPDATED:v 0.3.0

    now added a config file so that you can customize your messages and colors output of the plugin:D

    your idea was created in last update:D
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    I like this plugin. Just a suggestion; it would be even more convenient if you could add a Spout feature so it shows the number of uses above the item. Although I'm not sure how difficult it would be, as I'm not a plugin developer.

    Thanks for your hard work on this plugin!
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    hmm a spout feature ill have to look more into not really sure how to work with spout but sure ill put that on my to do list and no problem:D
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    soon will be updated to 1.8!
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    now compatible with 1240 CB build

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