Inactive [INFO] MCVote v1.5 - Allow players to vote for things [Permissions] [1.0.0-R1]

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    Go to the BukkitDev Page For updates
    This forum post will not be updated with the new updates.
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    Any chance in the next update there could be a settings.yml with options,
    • Broadcast names of voters (anonymous vote)
    • Color option
    • Answer options (more than yes/no) (up to 9 options, using either /vote [yes|no] or /vote [1-9]
    • Ability for a vote to be saved to a file, so a vote can stay active during a server restart/crash
    • login notification is a vote is active and user has not voted yet.
    much love
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    What are the permissions???? Nobody can't vote!!!

    What are the permissions?

    Permissions doesn't work at all. Please help!

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    Why not voting for nextmap?
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    does this work for 1.2.5
  6. Im making a Call of Duty server,would this work to vote on what type of game (search and destroy,TDM,Maps and more)I wanted to know be glad if someone replies!

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