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    NEWS (open)

    Version 11.2 released (22nd October 2011)

    Version 11.2
    • Added permissions wildcard support (mcdocs.*) works for all commands.
      • Note: this only allows all commands. mcdocs.reload does not fall under this wildcard. This needs to be set separately.
    • Added some try catch around the motd: configs.
    • Fixed motd-enabled
    Version 11.1
    • Removed the spacing that occurs when you only have 1 page.
    • New variable: %time (Shows what time it is in the player's world in 12 hour format.
      • Sun rises @ 5am, Sets @ 7pm
    Version 11
    • Updated to work with PermissionsBukkit (Tested, nodes work)
    • Updated to work with Register for %balance, you will need to download the Register plugin for this to work with iConomy and various other economy plugins.
    • Optimised much of the code.
    • Updated the commands config structure, much simpler now than before. :)
    • You can now use %name, %size, %world, %group, %ip, %world, %prefix, %suffix in your file paths in the config.yml
    • Redefined the MOTD process.
      • Is now all defined within configuration
      • You can now use online files
    • Changed how logging occurs, you can toggle if you want to be informed about errors or not in the config now.
    • Group support now uses an in house permission system, where you define the groups players are in manually.
    • New permissions-enabled variable, Do you have any permissions system installed? Yes: true | No: false
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    Cosmic Break

    ah, i see, ive been using an old version for a while, and just decided to update to the latest version. ive added the new permissions to groups
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    Still shouldnt crash like that tho - :/

    Blergh - idk.
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    MCDocs 5.2, Craftbukkit 432, GroupManager 0.9d

    Firstly, I get this as well:
    Secondly, no Docs work. Neither those that use permissions, nor those that are un-permissioned. I have the mcdocs.* permission, as confirmed by Group Manager:
    "This uesr inherits the permission from group: User
    Permission Node: mcdocs.*"
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    I havnt' looked into Group Manager nor will I

    I will wait until an official permissions system in built into bukkit.
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    The thing is groupmanager works with *any* plugin that supports permissions.

    The other thing is that commands that do not use permissions do not work. Or are you saying that because I'm using GroupManager, mcdocs thinks I have no permissions?
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    MCDocs defaults to working if no permissions are present. -- It's obvious that GroupManager is thus changing this variable to not null.

    Are you sure that wild cards can be used with GroupManager?

    It should be noted I've never even heard of it - nor read up on it - nor intend to.
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    GroupManager supports *everything* permissions does. It has a fake permissions plugin so other plugins know that permissions "Exists", although GroupManager is the real plugin dong everything.
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    What you can do however -- Is download version 4.3 which doesn't use permissions at all.

    Note: This version will throw a warning about the constructor but still works as far as I know.
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    Just updated MCdocs to 5.2 and bukkit to 432 and permissions to 2.1 and everything seems to be going fine with group-specific /help menus, etc.

    I did have to convert my text files from UTF-8 to ANSI though, otherwise weird characters would appear.
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    Thanks for the input and information! :)
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    So, now that Nijikokun has left the building would you be willing to support GroupManager? Or are you going to only support an unsupported plugin until Bukkit has a built in permissions type feature?
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    Permissions 2.1 works fine with it though. I get no crashes. Somethings gone weird with your setup.
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    anyone care to share their motd/help/rules/other files? I'm interested in seeing what other creative minds have created :D
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    It works fine with Permissions for me.

    What I'm saying is since Niji has stopped supporting his plugins for an undetermined amount of time, GroupManager seems to be what will take over the place of Permissions, as other plugins will replace Niji's other plugins.

    Because GroupManager is now the de facto "Permissions" plugin, it would be nice for Tazzernator to attempt to support it, rather than ignore it completely and only support a plugin that is no longer supported by its author.
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    Niji has released all his source code though, and there are already people picking up where he left off to continue development. Permissions isn't dead by any means. And by the sounds of it, the official Bukkit permissions system is right around the corner.
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    Group-specific file readouts are not working for me. Also, /motd does not give me a readout of the MOTD, only logging in does. I have disabled the commands in Essentials (help, rules, motd). I only have 3 groups setup in Permissions 2.1 : "Default, Moderator, Admin". I have the text files motd-admin.txt and motd.txt, and according to the OP, that ought to show the motd-admin to my users of the group Admin, but it still just shows motd.txt

    As for commands, I edited commands.txt as follows:
    Which if I type /motd as an admin, should show my motd-admin.txt, correct?

    Bukkit: 439
    Permissions: 2.1
    MCDocs: 5.2
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    Yes it should.

    This scenario is the reason I held off putting permissions into the plugin to start with. It took me initially about 5-6 hours to fully intergrate permissions, test and expand, then optimise. Now to be told - Well no it's all redundant- do it all again for some other plugin is a kick in the face.

    For this reason- I will have a quick look into permissions 2.1 - And modify it if possible- Otherwise, permissions will not be supported until there is an official package BUILT IN to bukkit itself.

    Works flawlessly with MCDocs 5.2 CB b439 Permissions 2.1 or GroupManager 0.99

    See Here:
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    HeyHO Chef ;)

    So, today I switched to #437 (some plugin problems above #437), from permissions to GroupManager, iChat to HeroChat, MCD 5 (or 4.3?!) to 5.2 and tested the "new" permissions... different motd for guests (before I used and general.motd), different helpfile for guests and members, and modcommands-help only for mods.

    It works great, a big fat thanks from me @Tazzernator
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    Fully tested Permissions 2.1 and GroupManager - b439

    They both work flawlessly on the current MCDocs (v5.2)

    Below are by configs for both plugins as an example - And a screenshot of my txt files. DO NOT copy paste these configs, as I'm unsure if they keep the spaces YAML needs.

    Permissions 2.1 (open)

            system: default
            default: true
                build: false
                - 'mcdocs./rules'
                - 'mcdocs./motd'
            default: false
                build: true
                - Default
                - 'mcdocs./news'
            default: false
                build: true
                - '*'
            group: Admin

    GroupManager (open)

        permissions: []
        group: SemiAdmin
        info: {prefix: '', build: false, suffix: ''}
        default: true
        permissions: [mcdocs./rules, mcdocs./motd]
        inheritance: []
        info: {prefix: '', build: false, suffix: ''}
        default: false
        permissions: [mcdocs./news]
        inheritance: [Default]
        info: {prefix: '', build: false, suffix: ''}
        default: false
        permissions: ['*']
        inheritance: [SemiAdmin]
        info: {prefix: '', build: false, suffix: ''}
      permissions: {system: default}

    commands.txt (open)


    Screenshots (open)

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    I just decided to start using GroupManager, works great now. so...thanks!
  22. I can't seem to the the %prefix to work, most likely because i nolonger use permissions, but using GroupManager. Any chance you could make the %prefix and %suffix work from GroupManager as well?

    It does get the info, but doesn't interpret it correctly, for example: Admin group has a prefix of '&5', which should make anything coming after the %prefix, purple color, but currently it just shows the &5 in the motd (where i use it) instead of using it as the colorcode.
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    2011-02-25 19:05:00 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_JOIN to MCDocs
    at com.tazzernator.bukkit.mcdocs.MCDocsListener.groupMotd(MCDocsListener
    at com.tazzernator.bukkit.mcdocs.MCDocsListener.onPlayerJoin(MCDocsListe
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.jav
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.j
    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.a(ServerConfiguration
    at net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet1Login.a(SourceFile:46)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.a(SourceFile:230)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:87)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    Help ;(
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    %group is just displaying %group instead of there group
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    Woops! I'll fix that now
    Try the new build - Does that fix the error? -- As I've noted before I've fully tested both permissions plugins and they work flawlessly
    That means permissions is not being detected.

    New Build:

    MCDocs 5.2.1

    Quick Fixes:
    • Supposed fix line for Permissions added
    • Fixed the prefix/suffix woopsie.
    Download: ZIP | JAR
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    How can i disable MOTD? I deleted the text, but it shows pages ;(
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    If you deleted the text file then it is another plugin that is showing a motd.
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    ok i will delete the file, not only text :)
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    Build 454+ breaks any plugins using onPlayerCommand. - So this plugin is included

    Unfortunately I'm working today (Sunday) and I have a full day at uni tomorrow (Monday)

    I'm home tuesday and will update then.
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    ok, ill wait:) nice plugin so far:)
    but i u have too much time could u remove the "!" after
    2011-02-27 15:13:16 [INFO] MCDocs by Tazzernator (Andrew Tajsic) - version 5.2.1 is enabled!
    so that it fits in one line? (very low priority:D)
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    How about Group Manager support for those of us who also use Essentials or Group Manager instead of permissions?

    -- edit --

    ignore i think the problem was on my end?

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