[INFO] LastLogin v1.2 - Displays last time user logged in [953]

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    LastLogin (Durango) - Displays last login time for users
    Version: v1.2

    This plugin was made per request found here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/last-login-informative-plugin.11787/

    Ever wanted to know when you or another player logged into the server last? Now you can with LastLogin! Once you login you will be greeted with your last login time. You can also check your last login at anytime and can also check the last login of any player.

    • View your last login
    • View others last login
    Download v1.2 [953+]
    Download v1.1 [803-860]
    Download v1.0

    • /lastlogin - Shows the time of your last login
      Example: /lastlogin - Show your last time of login
    • /lastlogin <player> - Show the time of last login for the specified player
      Parameters: <player>: In Game Name of the player of which you wish to view the last login
      Example: /lastlogin XYZ - Show XYZ's last login time
    • /lastlogin reload - Reloads the config and time files
      Example: /lastlogin reload - Reload the config
    • [NEW] /ll - Alias to /lastlogin. Can be used in its place
      Example: /ll reload
    Example config with notes:
        usemillitime: true
        dateformat: EEE, d MMM yyyy h:mm:ss a z
        newformat: ''
        showmotd: true
        permissions: true
        allowaliasll: true
        usetimediff: true
    # usemillitime - True tells the plugin to use millisecond time to store times
    # dateformat - Java time format to use.
    # newformat - Format to convert all times existing times to if not empty.
    # showmotd - True shows a MOTD when the player logs in with their last login, False only shows on demand
    # permissions - True will hook onto a permissions plugin if found or will fall back to standard options if it cannot find one
    # allowaliasll - True will allow the new /ll alias to be used. Can be disabled in case of command confilct
    # usetimediff - True will display a new time style in which it will say for how long the player has been logged in or off.
    # If usemillitime is set to true the plugin only reads dateformat. If it is set to false and newformat is  not empty all existing times will be converted.
    # Note: If a new time format is set and there is nothing to save both the date and time It may result in loss of times.
    lastlogin.self     # allows user to view own last login time
    lastlogin.others   # allows user to view last login for other players
    lastlogin.reload   # allows the user to reload configurations
    If you need help with finding or creating the time format code, please refer to this page: http://download.oracle.com/javase/1.4.2/docs/api/java/text/SimpleDateFormat.html

    Example lastlogin time with usemillitime set to true:
        XYZ: '1302240358992'
    Example lastlogin time with usemillitime set to false:
        ABC123: 'Fri, 8 Apr 2011 12:25:58 AM CDT'
    • Keep this plugin up-to-date and working with the latest craftbukkit build
    Version 1.2 - Codename: Durango
    • Added permissions, new display format, and new command alias. [953]
    Version 1.1 - Codename: Snooper
    • Added option to disable/enable MOTD on player login [803]
    Version 1.0 - Codename: Snook
    • Initial Release [670]
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    Good idea !
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    I was just thinking if there was a plugin like this how handy it would be! Thanks. Also you should add permissions if there isn't sorry if it says it on the page somewhere I'm just skimming and really tired.
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    I don't have permissions set but that is a good idea. I'll probably add it for viewing other players last login as It would be pointless to set permissions to view your own last login time
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    Nice plugin, works well.

    Between, I use a VPS and the hardware time is not the correct time in my country so I set the timezone (time changed in my root profil, so it's ok now) but your plugin seems to use hardware time...

    So, is it possible to use timezone or something like an option to adjust +1, +2, -1, -2 hour(s) etc... ??

    Thank you very much.


    PS: With linux command "tzselect", you choose your location and then you must add in your ".profil" for ex.: "TZ='Europe/Zurich'; export TZ".
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    It is supposed to use whatever time zone you have set but Java may be pulling from the hardware like you said. I'll see what I can do about the specifying a timezone when I release the next update.
  9. godsyn is kind of right. It's nice of you to fulfill the guy's request but you can't trust the people in that forum, they never bother to really check before asking :) A few weeks ago I needed this and I found lastseen in 15 seconds.
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    Well in that case, I don't want to dupe, but I don't want to remove this plugin just because they have 1 feature in common. Any suggestions as a fellow plugin developer as to the best way to handle this?
  11. Why remove? There are certain types of plugins with a lot more than 2 variants. I was just noting you shouldn't trust the requests forum :p

    (If you ever need to remove a plugin change the top post/threat title so they say 'discontinued' or something and then use the post REPORT button and explain it to the moderator, they'll move it to the inactive forum. But I see no reason to remove this one unless you no longer want to distribute it.)
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    I didn't mean remove it, I said I didn't want to remove it but I didn't want it to be considered duping lastseen.
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    Steve Cole

    does this show online when a player is online like lastseen, I don't like that I would rather see their last logout as i can see who is online using the /who or /list command.
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    This does not show when a player is online but rather when they logged onto the server last.
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    Steve Cole

    good lastseen does that and i don't like it.
    thanks for the plugin
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    You're welcome. If you have any suggestions after using it feel free to let me know, as I'm always open to new ideas.
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    Any progress with TZ settings?
    It is showing me some strange TZ data, which is neither HW or TZ setting related.
    Not sure where the data is coming from, but would like to see a setting for it.

    Edit: Sorry, it is working now.
    For some reason it did not set the TZ correctly.
    Had to export TZ before running the server.

    Still, would like to have this as an configuration option.
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    Upon login, I get my last login on my motd, though no one else does. Is there somewhere that I can fix this? I of course an admin, while everyone else is either a Moderator or basic user.
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    @dechris: I have that added to my list to work on now.
    @phillaholic: I haven't run into that problem but I will research it to see if I can find a cause. In my test environment I did not use any form of privileges and it worked like a charm.
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    Steve Cole

    my player also get their lastlogin at login, i don't mind it but it would be nice if you could change it in a config file.
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    Oh wait a minute. I must've misread phillaholic also. I can add that when I fix timezones.
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    White Sheep

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    Very nice plugin. :) Does LastLogin pull it's info from the player's .dat file in the world's players folder? Just curious, because that's where I find out when a player's last logged in.
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    I don't think you missread me, I don't think i was being very clear. I as an Admin see my last login at the top before the motd, and no one else does. I like this. Though it would be nice to be able to set this up with a config file, and perhaps support for permissions. In my case it's Group Manager through Essentials.
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    Sorry, I was wrong. Java uses TZ.

    I set TZ only for root and my minecraft server used an other user.... I set TZ for this profil and now your plugin works well. ;)

    Between, is it possible to adjust your plugin to be not "case sensitive". If I write "name" instead "NaMe", it shows last login : "never" and write "name: '0'" in the LastLogins.yml....



    PS: Look at : http://download.oracle.com/javase/1.4.2/docs/api/java/text/SimpleDateFormat.html to see options to config your displayed time.
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    hi there,

    i just installed your plugin, and it works great.
    so first thing i want to say is: thanks for the work :)

    second thing is:
    i have a feature request:
    make the commands work from the servers command line, that would be great.

    i often check and manage the server through the cli, rather than the ingame chat, as the ingame chat simply lacks ANYTHING. (command history, edit possibilities, etc)

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    First off, sorry I have been really busy.
    @White Sheep - That is in the works
    @MacG32 - No actually it pulls the time through the event of a player logging in. I was not aware of any thing I could use in the player's dat file.
    @Ben91 - I could add that. I was thinking from the perspective of it being possible for 2 players having the same name but different case wise. That would make it easier to view. Also thanks for the link. I'll post it for people to see in case they don't read down here.
    @garfield - Thanks. I actually have the server command line built in. just enter "lastlogin <player>" and you'll get the same result as if you were in-game :)
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    Ok thanks.

    But I think the actual system is not case sensitive, ex: whitelist system writes names in lower case.

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    I think it is but I could be wrong. I know the minecraft backbone is. In fact if a player logs in as "Player" and another as "player" both can be on at the same time without kicking the other off
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    Seems to work fine up to and including b684

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