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    iMOTD - The simplest MOTD, ever.
    Version: 1.20
    Craftbukkit Version: #1000

    This is an improved version of my old plugin, EasyMOTD.
    This now has support for Permissions + a configuration file! (You can edit the message now :p)

    Upon starting your server, the plugin will load and a new configuration file will be created under "iMOTD/config.yml".
    You can change the MOTD by either changing the config.yml or in-game. Read on down for the permissions.

    The special MOTD
    Don't get this confused with the normal MOTD, the normal MOTD everybody can see, but the special MOTD is one that only people with the permission node "imotd.special" can see.
    It may be a weird feature however it is very good on my server whenever I need to remind some users that have that node to type commands to see new features, etc.

    /imotd [this command reloads the config.yml]
    /imotd set <message> [this command sets the MOTD]
    /imotd sets <message> [this command sets the Special MOTD]

    Ability to see the special MOTD.

    • Displays a MOTD to a User upon Login
    • Has a special MOTD for users with the "imotd.special" Permission Node
    • Can use %player% in the MOTD to display the Player's Name (will add more soon).
    iMOTD.jar [1.20]


    Version 1.20
    - Added %player% in the MOTD to display the players displayname.
    Version 1.10
    - Added commands to set the MOTD /imotd set <message> and /imotd <sets> message
    Version 1.0
    - Released Plugin
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    Can I look at the source?
    My first point would be your naming system is incorrect.
    It should be: ytMain,
    Not: tymain

    Second point, what use is It's empty.
    Third point, when a player leaves it would say twice that the player has left.

    I've uploaded a fixed version. If you would like to use it please give credit.

    I will upload it in about 5 minutes.
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    I will release the source once it has been approved by a Moderator.
    *Unless you got a good reason?
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    Java Decompiler ;)
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    I don't want a fixed version.
    I am learning all this from scratch (mostly) which is why I don't want help.

    And I fixed all the problems you talked about. :)
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    Good. You may look at some of my source code if you wish. How old are you? I'm 13 ;)
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    Post has been approved by a Moderator :)
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    What use is a MOTD if you can't customize it? Because it is a message of the day after all... should be different every day. :p
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    Im aware of that, I will implement the ability to customize it in the next version.
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    You might wanna go ahead and change your link, there.

    You're not allowed url shorteners, or adfly.

    Chris :cool:
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    Looking forward to being able to edit the MOTD.
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    Cool looking plugin, I see great value in the future for this plugin. Hope it stays updated..
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    Added new download link ( links are banned, so I used my own download page).
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    Hey man nice plugin but could you add a video, or a screen shot?
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    A video/screenshot isn't needed, it's just a MOTD for servers. I am implementing the ability to customize it now.
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    You know they'll like to have u as a devoloper right ;)?
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    Updated for #953.

    Updated to 1.03.
    Added small exception in the code + changed name of the plugin.

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    you reacently posted you are new to plugin dev (or somthing like that), I am very intrested in becoming a bukkit plugin developer, who taught you?
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    I just want to change the MOTD!
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    I can`t download it.

    It says:
    Not Found

    The requested URL /jar/ was not found on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Alternate download link?

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    This is a dead plugin now.
    I have removed the source so I can no longer compile it.
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    link broken ?
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    Edited EasyMOTD and changed with my new plugin.
    Enjoy ;)
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    Any way of getting a shortcut such as %player% to show the player's name in the MOTD? example:
    Welcome to the Server, Grrrr159!
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    I'll look into it.

    Edit: Done. Check the new download link in the first post ;)

    %player% will get replaced by the person who log's in's name. ;)

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    Thanks so much!
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    No problem.
    Was pretty easy to implement.
    Having a bit of trouble trying to add in a new line for %b% though.
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    Hey, it shows up as an outdated version to me. Your link in the main post downloads the 1.0 version, I guess. I used that link to download it, and it gave me the 1.0 version.

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    hey is this able to keep coming up after a given amount of time?

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