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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by theloner, Jun 14, 2012.

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    I have the WorldEdit and Essentials plugins installed in my server. Apparently, it seems like I'm having a conflict between those 2 plugins. From what I know, Essentials has a "/info" command where it shows the info.txt and WorldEdit also has a "/info" command where it allows the user to use the info tool. I did not allow the group to have the info tool permission. So when players coming from that group wants to use Essential's "/info" command, they were told they have no permission. I believe its WorldEdit that blocks them since the return message has the same format as WorldEdit's.

    This is my permission config for that group:
        - essentials.afk
        - essentials.help
        - essentials.info
        - essentials.motd
        - essentials.msg
        - essentials.near
        - essentials.rules
        - essentials.spawn
        - essentials.back
        - essentials.delhome
        - essentials.home
        - essentials.sethome
        - essentials.tpa
        - essentials.tpaall
        - essentials.tpaccept
        - essentials.tpahere
        - essentials.tpdeny
        - -modifyworld.chat.private
        - modifyworld.*
        - spectate.*
        - craftipedia.use
        - skyblock.newisland
        - skyblock.join
        - skyblock.messages
    Does anyone have a clue on how to solve this problem?
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    Use /info for worldedit, use /einfo for essentials.
    Assuming WorldEdit takes precedence over Essentials.
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    How do I do that?
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    If you don't know how to run a command, you deserve to be fed to a pack of real-life creepers.

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    Hahahaha I meant how do I configure it so Essentials recognize "/einfo"? Or I don't have to?
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