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    CaptainDocs is an easy way to make a command return text to a player. Just add an entry in the config with the filename and command, and make the text file in /plugins/CaptainDocs/. When a player enters the command specified, it will send the lines of text in the file to the player.

    The most recent version will always be available here.

    This one's pretty much all in the config. Once you run your server it should create config.yml and doc.txt in /plugins/CaptainDocs/. You can edit the original entry (or delete it) and add commands+documents with this format (when I say doesntmatterhere, you can put whatever you want. Just don't put duplicates!):
      command: commandtotype
      filename: file.extension
    The text file can have as many lines as you want (be reasonable), and can use the following vairables:
    • +player - The player's display name (that's performing the command)
    • +serverName - The server's name
    • +onlineCount - The amount of people online
    • +onlineList - A list of people online
    • &a-f/0-9 - Colors
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