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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by ExoVamp, Oct 2, 2015.

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    I'm running a server with many plugins. Essentials is one of them, and if you'd like me to list them all I will. A few hours ago I did the command /rain and it said something along the lines as "world1 is going to have bad weather" "world2 is going to have bad weather" and listed all my worlds. Since then, it's been raining harshly in all my worlds.

    I've tried all the convention methods of stopping the rain: /weather clear, /sun, and all they do is temporarily rid the rain for for the current world. After 10 seconds or so of peace, the poor begins again.

    When I do /help rain, two commands appear: /rain and /nuke. That makes me believe this is an Essentials problem, but I could be wrong. What I've ended up doing is using the WorldGuard config to disable weather altogether. However, I'd like an actual reversion of the problem, not just a cover-up. That, and I like having the occasional down-poor.

    I don't want to have to wipe the server and reload a backup from before the problem, but I will if that's what it comes down to.
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    For some odd odd reason when I do /rain it sets the weather to sun in my world, only the one world
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    It says 79 Plugins:

    TusTwoLib, GroupManager, Plugman, Installer, VoxelSniper, MassiveCore, Vault, PlotMe, KitsPreview, Backpacks, aAntiSpam, AlwaysDay, alert, RandomTeleport, InfiniteDispensersAndDroppers, Rename, ProtocolLib, PlayerVaults, Votifier, mcMMO, HAListener, VoidWord, TimTheEnchanter, DigitalClock, MultiInv, WorldEdit, CreativeGates, SignEditor, MaxBans, ChaColor, PlayerHeads, CommandWatcher, Questioner, WorldGuard, ClearChat, PrisonSuite, GiftingPlugin, CoreProtect, ASkyBlock, StaffApply, BKCommonLib, HiveJumpPads, ClearLag, NametagEdit, Websiter, Essentials, StaffChat, Multiverse-Core, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, SilkSpawners, Shopkeepers, TitleManager, EssentialsChat, HolographicDisplays, PrisonMine, Towny, Statues, EssentialsSpawn, EchoPet, Minigames, FastSurvival, COM_Zombies, MobHunting, Factions, CommandSigns, Multiverse-Portals, BattleArena, ArenaParkour, ArenaFutbol, ArenaBlutonium, ArenaPlunger, BombArena, ArenaOneShot, HostageArena, SurvivalArena, ArenaPaintball, ArenaCTF, ArenaBowSpleef, BattleTags
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    AlwaysDay is causing it. Also, make sure to tahg users if you want them to see your message (@).
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    @bwfcwalshy @Binner_Done @oceantheskatr Removing AlwaysDay fixed the problem. Thank you. I'm marking my problem. Let me know if you saw any redundant plugins (two that do the same things). Otherwise, Thanks again.
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