Infinite Items Plugin For 1.18

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MABFGaming, Apr 8, 2022.

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    I'm Looking For a Plugin For Bukkit And Spigot That Makes It So That There Is a Command That Makes Items Infinite, Not Just Blocks, Items Too Like Spawn Eggs, End Crystals And Even Like Glowstone Filling Up Respawn Anchors.

    How It Works:
    Executing Command "/infiniteitem" Will Give The item You Are Holding The NBT Tag "Infinite:1b", Any Item Or Block With This Tag Can Be Used Infinitely, If It's Applied To Tools It Will Just Give The Vanilla "Unbreakable:1b" Tag.

    Also, If You Can, Add Support For Totems Of Undying (If You Use A Totem In Your Mainhand It Would Come Back To Your Inventory Like Normal Infinite Items But If You Use It In Your Offhand It Will Come Back In Your Offhand Instead Of Your Inventory).

    And Add Support For Food, So When You Eat The Food It Comes Back To Your Inventory.
    The Plugin Also Has To Be For 1.18

    Potions, Blocks, Food, Totems, Splash And Lingering Potions, etc All Items Have To Be Able To Become Infinite.
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    Seems fun Ill get working on it now. Ill add some basic permission like infcommand.use for now but if you want me to change it then ask! :D

    I have finished the plugin base version! Adds infinite blocks tools and food. Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to make infinite totems and the potions are a bit vague...

    Did you mean infinite throwable/drinkable potions or pots with an infinite duration?

    Anyways, Hope you enjoy it!

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    I Already Have Infinite Totems From Another Plugin Called ExecutableItems And For Potions I Want Throwable Potions And Also I Want Like End Crystals And Stuff To Be Infinite.
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    Done! Hope you enjoy :D
    If there is anything else you would like me to add that is related I can.
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    1. Infinite End Crystals And Glowstone in Respawn Anchors is Not Implemented

    2. Non-Stackable Items Go To Your Inventory (If Hotbar Is Full), Another Slot On The Hotbar Or Just Drop If Inventory Is Full, You Need To Execute After The item Has Been Consumed So That This Doesn't Happen

    3. I Want An Admin Mode For infiniteItems, This Can Be Toggled For Players Using The Command: /infitemsadmin <player>, All Items Will be Infinite For Players That Have InfiniteItems Admin Mode Activated

    4. I Also Want Infinite Fireworks (Not Implemented Yet)
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    Infinite Firework Rockets Also Have To Work With Elytra
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