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    Hi, I'm a proud server owner, and we want to have an infection server, we already tried about 5 plugins but we never we 100% happy with them, so my request


    When you join the server (or execute a comand), you get put in the lobby. After a 30 seconds waiting time in the lobby, you get teleported to a map that is in the rotation (automaticaly or by vote). Then there is a set time before someone gets infected. He needs to kill other people and if you get killed by a zombie, you get infected and respawn to do the same thing as the first zombie. and so on till a set period of time has passed or if all humans are death.

    Features: '-' is needed '+' would be handy
    - Ability to set armor and tools for zombies and humans
    - Automated map rotation or voting system
    - Block protection (they can break nothing but can trigger redstone)
    - 1 spawn per arena (don't need multiple at the moment of writing)
    - Costumizable messages
    + Rank system or vault support for promoting users from groupmanager or pex
    + Join the game when joining the server
    + Stats

    Commands: can have prefix like infected or inf or ... (i prefer none)
    /inf create arena <arena name>
    /inf setspawn <arena name>
    /inf setlobby
    /inf start (force start the game)
    /inf stop (stop the current game)

    /inf join
    /inf leave
    /inf vote


    bump + question
    i also like opinions about it! so i know what to add or delete.

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    I always liked infection game modes so this would be nice. Such a plugin should be possible already with denizens or variabletriggers but you would need to script them yourself (I recommend denizens over VT).
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    i'm requesting it not making it myself... is there no one interested? it's not for prive use you can post it on the bukkitdev! it stays your plugin...
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Ironstan It is an big plugin, that makes it that less developers are into it
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    @timtower do you have any ideas to make it smaller? I would really like the plugin to be made even if i need to drop some features.
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    You're best off 'hiring' a dev for your server to complete this, unless, this were to be released publically. Then you'd have to find someone willing.
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    i'm thinking about hiring someone for this but it's not alowed on the craftbukkit forums (or did i miss read?)
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    It's not allowed on the plugin request forums, but you can hire a developer on the "Show off your server" forum.

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