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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Flabaliki, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Was Hoping to chuck that in before you saw it :p but you respond fast :)
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    @7H3_N4P573R That is coming in the future. Not sure exactly when, I have a busy few weeks coming up, but it is a planned feature.
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    My error :

    Détails de l’erreur de la page Web

    Message : '1' a la valeur Null ou n'est pas un objet.
    Ligne : 38
    Caractère : 4
    Code : 0
    URI : http://localhost/wb/phpUpdate.js
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    Hello, I posted this earlier, but it seems to have been overlooked. Hope you can take a look at it.

    I have two small problems with this plugin.

    The first, is that the onlineplayer list on my website takes ~ 5 seconds longer than my page to load. I looked at the developer console to see if it was throwing any errors, and I get these two errors:
    - GET http://domain.com/build/onlineplayers/undefined 404 (Not Found)
    - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '1' of null in phpUpdate.js:38
    Line 38 of phpUpdate.js
    document.getElementById(destination[1]).innerHTML = txt;
    It appears that "destination" is null, and it can't read the first array value of it due to this.


    I have a permissions problem. I have permissions enabled on my server (Permissions [Phoenix] fromhttp://forums.bukkit.org/threads/in...phoenix-discontinued-3-0-has-a-new-home.5974/)

    Giving a group the 'onlineplayers.member' permission as the config file states, their username does not change color in the onlineplayers list. The only users with a color are OPs. I would like to use onlineplayers.member to show my MODS in a color as well. My MOD Permissions are as follows:
            default: false
                prefix: '&1'
                suffix: ''
                build: true
                - 'motd.*'
                - 'onlineplayers.member'
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    @petergray8 First, sorry for missing this post before.
    It is clearly stated this plugin uses Bukkit Superperms, not any other old permissions plugins, like Permissions 3.x or 2.x. So in that case, that explains why permissions do not work for you.

    As for the other error, I'll have a look into that. Just to make sure, you haven't edited any of those documents have you?
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    No :/
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    No I haven't edited them at all. Ethneldryt seems to be having the same issue as I am. :p

    Also, I didn't notice that it only uses Superperms, I just saw Permissions.

    Thanks for the help mate.
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    Try'ed it... Hated It.
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    no fix for internet explorer? :(
    (i dont use IE berk... my server launcher use IE API..)
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    Same error for IE8 (not google chrome) can you fix please ?
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    You really should change config.txt to config.php so passwords are not visible in plain text! Telling people to use a password that is not used for anything else is not good enough imo.
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    whats wenn i don´t have php???
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    I'd really like to use this plugin but after a few days of using it, it has started to say

    [OnlinePlayers v1.1] Can not connect to web server.

    And before that, the server complains about not being able to keep up, so I had to uninstall this plugin...
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    Ok, if the server is completely offline, I get
    The server does not appear to have connected. Are you sure you entered the right URL in the plugin's configuration? The url must be:
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    PHP-website part of this plugin is really awful, with txt-based config file and boolean checks such as ($foo{1} == "t" || $foo{1} == "T"). I rewrote some parts of it to use PHP-config file, also added ability to be included from another directory and something else, but it needs complete rewrite really.

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    Does it work with 1185?
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    plugin = broken :(
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    Yes for me, 1185-> 1222
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    Just a reminder to everyone, this plugin is still active, but under a new name over at BukkitDev, see the link in the first post!
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    First I wanna say, what a awesome plugin/mod you have made! But I have a problem. :D
    The script is showing all things, and working very well, except it says that my server is offline, then it's not?

    You have any idear about what it could be? :D Really love this plugin xD!

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