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    @Nathan C If you mean text, then it is in the configuration file, just look for the Font Colour underneath the CSS Configuration.
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    Nice Plugin, but I have a problem:

    Server Log:
    07:56:01 [INFO] [OnlinePlayers v1.0] Error: onlinePlayers.txt can not be found or written to.
    07:56:01 [INFO] [OnlinePlayers v1.0] Failed to start.
    07:56:01 [INFO] [OnlinePlayers v1.0] Disabled Successfully.

    Server Plugin Config:
    #Enter the url of the players.php file, including http://

    #Enter the password for the scripts to connect. You must add
    #this into the other configuration file. Default is admin.

    #Enable automatic updates, (true / false).

    Website Config:
    Server Configuration

    #Text name of the server
    ServerName=[NG]Navanas Gam1ng Bastelpalast

    #Enter the IP / hostname of your server.

    #Displays the server IP to visitors (true / false)

    #Enter the password to connect with your Minecraft server
    #Default is admin.

    Document Configuration

    #The rate at which the player list updates (in milliseconds)
    #1 Second = 1000 Milliseconds (Default is 10000)

    #Display Version Number

    #Display 'Powered by' line

    #Enable Automatic updates

    Screen of my Website Folder:

    Thanks for help.
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    @Spezi01 That means that you haven't applied the chmod to the OnlinePlayers.txt. For the php to be able to write to it, it must be chmod 0666 or 0646.
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    When I try to set CHMOD with FileZilla:
    Status: Berechtigungen für '/mcviewer/onlinePlayers.txt' werden auf '0646' gesetzt
    Befehl: SITE CHMOD 0646 onlinePlayers.txt
    Antwort: 504 Command not implemented for that parameter
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    @Spezi01 It appears the server you are using doesn't support CHMOD over FTP. Is it a linux based system? Do you have SSH access?
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    It is a Windows VServer.
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    @Spezi01 Hrm, in that case I'm not really sure how to set permissions. Do you have any sort of control panel for your server? If you do there may be a file manager where you can set permissions.
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    I have Plesk Control Panel, but it is not working.
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    @Spezi01 In Plesk you should be able to change permissions of files through the file manager. Or is it just giving your error's?
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    My Plesk Panel is not running. When I want to open Plesk, the following error appears:

    ERROR: PleskMainDBException
    No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

    0: common_func.php3:619
    1: common_func.php3:582
    2: auth.php3:146
    ERROR: PleskMainDBException
    No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

    0: common_func.php3:619
    1: common_func.php3:582
    2: auth.php3:146
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    @Spezi01 Unfortunately it doesn't look like I can help at this point in time. You should try and fix that first, try speaking with your host. As far as I know, if you can get Plesk working, you should be able to apply the permissions for the files.
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    Works great for me!
    But how do I change the Variable <span id="a1"></span> to bind in other Servers? Which file must be changed?
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    @Blodarn That appears to be a host issue, not my script. You should speak with them about it.

    @NickDaKing You want multiple servers to show up? Have a look under the 'Tips & Tricks' section in the first post.
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    Ok, i will see with them.
    Thanks for the answer :D
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    We have a issue on our server. With the Online Players PlugIns it starts to lag and we get the the "cant handle it" message in our logs. Help us! :( I believe its a config fail or an Invinite Loop in the script. Please help
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    I mean Display on a different page (Source) (last Point)
    You put the Code in the header.php file and then you can bind it with

    <span id="a1"></span>
    into your page. But how do I bind in other Servers with the same method?
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    @Performer Do you get any errors other than just the 'Can't keep up' messages? Like an error on connecting to the web server or something?

    @NickDaKing I would recommend just using iFrames for multiple implementations, it's just a much easier and quicker method. Doing it the way you want would require editing the players.php and index.php files, which, when updating would be overwritten and you would have to make the changes again on every update.
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    Humans have their own server, mine craft, and I have a pretty popular portalal it sends an SMS message to the server IP: PORT everything enroll in mysql and then get my advertising portal ;)
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    No there was nothing. Here is our serverlog from 1-2 weeks: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    We found really nothing.

    Just look at the last two days.

    If we remove it, its fine. Nothing lags.
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    @Performer I would suspect it is probably a connection error that I am not aware of, hence the distinct lack of an error message. Are you able to test it with all other plugins turned off, just to do a quick test, I know that might be a bit of an ask, but if you are able to do so, and you still get the error's I'll know it's definitely something in the code that I need to revise.
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    and not visible players in list
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    @Votick Did anything happen in those 5 minutes, did you change something? Or was it 100% working, then the next, not?

    @brzavr Can I have a link to where your list is so I can see it?
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    I have a problem, regarding the permissions. I have set both the onlineplayers.members and staff ones, but on the list, the names don't change color nor sticky to the top.
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    @DreamPhreak are you using PermissionsBukkit or a plugin that uses Superperms, or one of the old permission plugins?
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    Using Essentials.
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    @DreamPhreak I don't know anything about essentials, but if it doesn't use Bukkits permission system, then the onlineplayer nodes will not work.
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    Ah ok, thanks though. Great plugin by the way, exactly what i was looking for. :p
  30. Thanks very much for this plugin! Helped me alot!

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