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    it works! thank you very much for your work!
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    Hi, I did everything according to instructions, but plugin wrote this in the log:
    [email protected]:~$
    [email protected]:~$ screen -R MC
    04:16:49 [INFO] /xxx.xx.xx.xx:36912 lost connection
    04:16:59 [INFO] /xxx.xx.xx.xx:36918 lost connection
    04:17:09 [INFO] /xxx.xx.xx.xx:36924 lost connection
    04:17:19 [INFO] /xxx.xx.xx.xx:54414 lost connection
    04:17:25 [INFO] Whitelist: Player sqwosh is trying to join...
    04:17:25 [INFO] allow!
    04:17:25 [INFO] sqwosh [/] logged in with entity id 110 at ([loloworld] 182.69999998807907, 90.0, 564.8013523028745)
    04:17:25 [INFO] [OnlinePlayers v0.5.1] Can not connect to web server.
    04:17:25 [INFO] [AutoSave] AutoSaveThread Started: Interval is 300 seconds, Warn Times are 0
    04:17:33 [INFO] /xxx.xx.xx.xx:54423 lost connection
    04:17:51 [INFO] /xxx.xx.xx.xx:54437 lost connection
    04:18:01 [INFO] /xxx.xx.xx.xx:54443 lost connection
    04:18:12 [INFO] /xxx.xx.xx.xx:54448 lost connection
    04:18:21 [INFO] /xxx.xx.xx.xx:54454 lost connection
    04:18:31 [INFO] /xxx.xx.xx.xx:54460 lost connection
    04:18:41 [INFO] /xxx.xx.xx.xx:54466 lost connection
    04:18:52 [INFO] /xxx.xx.xx.xx:54472 lost connection
    04:19:01 [INFO] /xxx.xx.xx.xx:54477 lost connection
    04:19:11 [INFO] /xxx.xx.xx.xx:54483 lost connection
    04:19:21 [INFO] /xxx.xx.xx.xx:54489 lost connection
    04:19:31 [INFO] /xxx.xx.xx.xx:54495 lost connection
    what i did wrong?
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    The plugin is still creating an OnlinePlayers on first load, then it converts it to onlineplayers on the second and neither folder will read the config.txt file.
  4. @Shooty That is what I'll be fixing today. I just did a quick fix the other day to make it appear online / offline. Today I'll be making it properly display if the server is online or offline.

    @sqwosh That actually means that it is correctly checking your server is online, that's good. However, I will be changing the way it checks if it is online, so it doesn't spam the console anymore. On another note, it doesn't appear you've directed it to the players.php file:
    Double check that the link in the /plugins/onlineplayers folder is correct.

    @Opus Stupid thing, I'll see if I can fix that in the next version.
    EDIT: I made one small change in the code, and it doesn't appear to be making duplicate folders and is correctly reading from them. I'll upload it as v0.5.3 now. Just make sure to replace your OnlinePlayers.jar and probably just delete your current configuration files.
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    Golden Rule of Internet Problems: If you're using IE, and there's a problem, it's because you're using IE.
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    wolf hatake

    How can i fix "[ajax]a1[/ajax]" please ?

    Edit : It's ok =)
  7. @wolf hatake I see you've already figured it out, but I guess I'll write something about -not- viewing players.php as that is just the script that generates the list, index.php is the one that auto refreshes and displays the styles.
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    I find the problem :) , its a folder duplication bug.
    Plugin create another folder "Onlineplayers" and get info from there, rather than from "onlineplayers". :)
    I think you just have to rename the folder "onlineplayers" to "Onlineplayers" in the archive. :)

    PS: sorry for bad English.
  9. @sqwosh Ugh it still has the duplication bug. Which version are you using? Because in the latest it doesn't create a folder called "OnlinePlayers" at least, it should, it only makes "onlineplayers"
  10. nice! how can i add it to a standard webpage liek you did?
  11. @superbomb17 You can simply use an iFrame to embed it in any page, use this code:
    <iframe src="/path/to/index.php" frameborder="0" width="250px" height="450px"></iframe> 
    Obviously just change the '/path/to/index.php so it points to the right file.
  12. ok thanks!
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    Updated to .6, still won't load and its creating the OnlinePlayers folder on first load and I get an error message that it can't read the configuration file.
    Edit: I put the config file in both folders (OnlinePlayers and onlineplayers) and that seems to let it load.
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    0.5.3 set in the morning, right now is 0.6 and everything works fine. :)

    but it does not work in IE: (
    I tried to write a small gadget for Win 7, but he flatly refuses to update information from the "iframe". :(
    I thought it was me stupid, but it turned out that the problem with IE.

    I wrote the code here, but even with "reloadIFrame" it does not work:
       <script type="text/javascript">
    window.setInterval("reloadIFrame();", 3000);
    function reloadIFrame() {
       <iframe name="panel" id="panel" src ="http://mc.rmods.kiev.ua" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" height="190" width="140"></iframe>
    Firefox in all Good.
  15. @Opus I really don't know what the deal with that is. I've changed the folder creation code, so see how that goes. Make sure to clear out all /onlineplayers or /OnlinePlayers folders from the plugin area, just in case.
    @sqwosh Well, I guess that's a problem with IE, not the plugin :(
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    I know :(
  17. @sqwosh You can always do what Opus has done. If you put the following pieces of code on a php page of your choosing.
    • Put this code inside the header of the page:
      <script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/phpUpdate.js"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript">
        setInterval("phpUpdate('/path/to/players.php')", 10000);
    • Change the <body> tag to:
      <body onload="phpUpdate('/path/to/players.php')">
    • And put this code anywhere on the page you would like the list to show up:
      <span id="a1"></span>
    *Make sure to edit the paths to the players.php and phpUpdate.js files!
  18. Suggestion:

    Guests Online: xx/xx
    Players online: xx/xx
    Staff Online: xx/xx


    Groups with the onlineplayers.mod permission are marked as Staff.
    Groups with the onlineplayers.guest permission are marked as Guests.
  19. @crysis992 Sure, I'll add that as soon as possible :). Thanks for the suggestion!

    EDIT: @crysis992 I've added permissions support. There are no player counts for the groups, as I'm not entirely sure how to do that yet.
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    Works perfectly ! Thank you very much! I added it to a widget in wordpress using the <iframe src="/path/to/index.php" frameborder="0" width="250px" height="450px"></iframe> Code..!

    Thank you ! :)

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    Awesome plugin, EXACTLY what I was looking for, thank you very much for creating this!
  22. @Kregme @AlsoKnownAsJazz Glad that you like the plugin, if you have an suggestions for improvements or changes, feel free to give feedback.
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    I thought of something - what about having the option to display installed plugins? If they linked to their respective pages, that would be even more bad @ss. Not sure how you could get the URL's, probably easiest to have a .txt file for each plugin with the plugin info (would be up to us to populate the info, but you might start a trend where people include such info with their plugins, kinda like NFO files etc. Would be sweet to be able to hover over the plugin names and get brief description or some minimal info on it. That should keep you busy. ;)

    I'd offer to help if you were working in .NET, but I dunno jack about PHP.
  24. @AlsoKnownAsJazz That's an interesting idea, it's quite possible. It would be possible to find the links to the threads as well, wouldn't be all that hard, though, if they aren't on bukkit.org they wouldn't have a link. If I ever do something like that, it would be a separate plugin to this.
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    I discovered a bug of sorts. So I'm using a free web host and they've gone down several times in the last few days, and whenever they're down, the server console shows frequently "did the time change... can't keep up" messages and users on the server experience massive lag. I had to disable the plugin for the time being, at least until my host gets their crap together. I imagine I could bump up the polling interval, (which I was probably going to do anyway) but based on the severity of the lag, I don't think that's really going to be a sufficient workaround.
  26. @AlsoKnownAsJazz I imagine it would be because it was trying to connect to your server and it was finding a connection. I'll have a look in the code and see if I can make it handle situations such as yours in a nicer way. Thanks for the heads up!

    EDIT: @AlsoKnownAsJazz it's weird, it says it disables successfully if it can not find the server. That was the way I fixed that before. But it somehow just starts up again, or at least, doesn't stop properly. Anyway, I added a fail safe, just check the log :)
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    sorry to be a complete noob but how do i do this part Upload the contents of /Website to a publicly accessible area of your server (this has to match the URL you put in the first configuration file.)

    i uploaded them all to INC/plugins through filezilla which must be wrong
  28. @firecombat4 It must be in a place where you can access it by doing this: http://mywebsite.com/online/index.php
    In that example (if you are using Linux, it would must likely be, either: /home/<username/public_html/online/ OR /var/www/html/online/
    You basically want it in a folder that you can get by typing it into your address bar.
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    sweet thanks. my last problem is when i go to there http://BiomeCraft.com/online/index.php, all it says on the page is hello LOL

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