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  1. WorldWarp
    Current version: 1.1
    Download 1.1: Download
    Download 1.0: Download
    GitHub: Click Here

    • Warp between worlds
    • Ability to restrict worlds to ops
    • Ops can warp players to other worlds
    • You can set the warp to spawn or define custom coordinates
    • Lists loaded worlds & see wich one you are on
    • The commands work in the console
    This plugin allows you to have several worlds and warp between their spawnpoints,

    or you could set custom cooridnates for each world if you dont want to end up at spawn.
    Ops have the ability to warp players to other worlds, including ops-only worlds.

    /ww list - List all loaded worlds and mark the current.
    /ww <warp|tp> [worldname] - Warp to the specified world.
    /ww <warp|tp> [playername] [worldname] - Warp a player to the specified world (must be op).

    You add your worlds to a yaml config file. A sample is included with the download.

    If you find any issues please post them on github here

    Configuration & Sample (open)
        only-ops: false
        nether: false
          x: 76
          y: 67
          z: -58
        only-ops: false
        nether: true
        only-ops: true
        nether: true
    This configuration will create and/or load (if they aren't already) the worlds:
    • world
    • world2
    • nether
    • ops-world
    Everyone have access to world1, world2 and nether. Only ops have access to the world ops-only.

    On all worlds exept world1 you will end up on that worlds spawn.

    Default settings:
    nether: false
    only-ops: false
    x: null
    y: null
    z: null

    Known Issues:
    • It seams custom coordinates is a bit buggy. Se here
    • You cant warp to world with spaces in the name. Im working on that, in the meantime you can rename the world if you want.
    • If warping to a nether world there seams to be a slight posibillity that you spawn inside blocks or in lava. Working on that to.
    • Pvp option
    • Permissions support
    • Build permissions
    • Maybe some sot of cooldown
    • Some sort of indication in the worlds list that the world is of limits or dont display it
    • Autogenerate the config file if it dont exits
    Changelog (open)
    Version 1.1
    • Buildt against latest bukkit
    • Changed command handling
    • Commands now works in the console
    Version 1.0
    • Inital release
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    Server restarts when any /ww command is used.
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    Really? I try it now
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 4:58 AM ---
    No restarts works great! Maybe your com can handel it?
  4. I have tested it on 2 diffrent servers without that issue.
    What plugins do you use? And what craftbukkit version?
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    Does OP-only mean that only OPs can exist in the world, or use your mod to travel to it? Because supposedly wormhole supports multiworld functionality, but I have yet to test anything out... (I'd really rather not have everyone teleporting to and from the Nether all the time from any place at will, you know? XP)

    EDIT: Oh god, just tried it out and almost suffocated in the Nether lol because I spawned inside a block. I think I'll add custom coordinates to prevent this in the future but it still kinda sucked lol. But otherwise, the mod works like a charm so far.

    EDIT 2: Actually, problem. Can't seem to warp to any worlds that have spaces in their names >_< Oh well, I'll just rename the maps for now.
    Also, if I try to change the names of maps and stuff but there's someone still in a world I haven't told the server to load, that world is loaded anyway.. probably nothing to do with this plugin, but I just thought it'd be worth pointing out.
  6. Op-only only affects travel with my plugin. Ops can also teleport other non-ops to ops-only worlds.

    It seams that travel to the nether has some issues (at least whith my plugin, I havent really tested others).
    Currently there is no check were you spawn. It just send players to the worlds spawn, if you dont set custom coordiantes. I will se what I can do about that.

    It has to do with the handling of command arguments. space = new argument
    I will fix that in the next version

    Dont think its my plugin.
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    What does the x/y/z mean?
  8. You can set a custom coordinate if you dont want to end up at that worlds spawn
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    does this have, (or plan to have) some sort of nether gate support, so that way people can warp only when using the gates?
  10. I dont think so
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    Mine says there's no World List, please advise. Thanks
  12. Do you mean when the server starts or if you use the "/ww list" command?
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    Thank you for answering my questions, and awesome on the spaces thing. I plan to just use underscores for everything for now, but I'm sure the functionality may trip other people up too. Really nice mod otherwise- we were able to visit some of our past servers before we decided to restart them, LOTS of nostalgia there. This works as a perfect admin behind-the-scenes mod since I can just make everything OP-only and we can still use Wormhole and the admin command to get people places.
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    Can I remove monsters from the worlds? (you have made a very very good plugin cheers!)
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    the "/ww list command" and I found the exact wording in red "Could Not Find Additional Worlds"
  16. That is because you dont have another world.
    You need to add the config file and edit it to suit you.
    There is an example included in the download.
    --- merged: Feb 17, 2011 1:50 AM ---
    Do you mean to have monsters only on some worlds?
    --- merged: Feb 17, 2011 2:09 AM ---
    btw a question for the users of this plugin:
    I will be adding autogeneration of the config file if it dont exit soon, and some input on how it should look would be nice
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    First I want to say this plugin is fantastic! Its exactly what I've been looking for.

    I think it would be nice to have some extra options to your plugin as well. I'll add these options to an example config I think might work

            op-only: false
            nether: false
            monsters: false
            animals: false
            build: true
    This is just an example. It would be awesome to be able to control animals and monsters per world. Also would be nice if building was allowed or not. If its false then maybe add more to it like

    build: false
        - 'Admin'
        - 'Mod'
    Or perhaps just have those groups be added anyway so if its true and you want everyone just add '*' this would of course need to have support for the permissions plugin and see what groups you have in there so you can have a moderator, admin world. Then maybe have a Guest world altogether.


    I also wanted to add that in a world created by WorldWarp when anyone is in it, we can place blocks but not destroy them. The only work around I have found is to use the super pick axe from WorldEdit.
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    I only seem to have WorldWarp.jar, and WorldWarp.yml I think I put them in the correct places from the instructions. But I pasted a world2 folder next to the original world folder. But I'm pretty sure I have to edit one of the documents that says what the title is or where it's located right? If so please advise on location and or what to edit if needed. Thank You
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    Yeh, I really want that too!
  20. Great idea. I think the build option would be rather easy to implement. The monster, not so much, I think. But I will look into it.

    I have run into this problem also. I think it is a bug in bukkit/craftbukkit, but I will check that.
    But it seams if you warp to the main world and then back the problem is fixed
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    I just tried the work-around and it does work. Yeah I think it may also be a craftbukkit problem too but not entirely sure. I thought it may be another plugin causing it too. But it appears other multiple world plugins have this problem. Tested it with essentials and you cant build unless you do the work around
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    Love this mod. SO SIMPLE.

    It'd be even better if the command were just /world <worldname>.

    And an optional chat prefix with the world name before the player name would be cool too...
  23. Thanks :D

    I will check if the chat prefix is possible, it should be
    --- merged: Feb 17, 2011 11:20 PM ---
    You just extract all the zip file contents into the plugins folder.
    If you use the supplied config file it should create and/or load the worlds 'world', 'nether' & 'ops-world'.
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    what folder does the additional worlds go in? the plugin folder or next to the current folder? I extracted the zip file into the plugins folder and it still says 'Could Not Find Additional Worlds'
    --- merged: Feb 18, 2011 4:06 AM ---
    mine didn't come with a config file
  25. Where your main worlds folder is located

    Strange. It is in there. What program are you using to extract it?
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    I just installed WorldWarp and i made a new world and i got everyone to tp to it. We all started to build but then no one could destroy any blocks. Only i could. I tp them back to the world we were playing on before and it was fine. Anyone know how to fix this/the cause of this?
  27. Did they leave the server while on that world and rejoined? Thats usually the cause.
    I think it might be an issue with craftbukkit. I am going to check if there is a workaround
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    I use 7Zip, I've even 'shown hidden files and folders.' But before I even extract it - it doesn't show a config file. Were not talking about 'WarpWorld.yml' are we? I even tried just WarpWorld as my only plugin to see if there's conflictions, but it still says 'Could Not Find Additional Worlds'. I notice that in previous threads/comments that WarpWorld will auto generate worlds that aren't there. After I startup my server, running WarpWorld I only have my 'world' no additional ones. Why doesn't it auto generate 'nether' world2' and 'ops-world?' Answers to these questions might also help me find out why it's not working on my server. Thanks :)
  29. Maybe you could try another extraction program? I havent had any problems with winrar
    --- merged: Feb 20, 2011 11:53 AM ---
    btw what os do you have?
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    I really like this plugin! Whenever my flatgrass map gets to full, I just warp to a new fresh one to build my own things.

    I really think you should add an option for us to turn monsters off on the new maps, because mobs are off in my server properties and they are in warped worlds, please fix.

    Otherwise, great mod!

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